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Wanna Dress Up? Your Guide To Nashville-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Wanna Dress Up?

All Hallows Eve. It means different things to different people. Parking it in front of the TV for the millionth viewing of Hocus Pocus since October 1 (it really WILL cast a spell on you). You-tubing the classic episode of Boy Meets World (“we’ll always remember he was that tall”). Going to your local five and dime to pick up the best candy money has to offer, because you WILL be the most popular house on the block. Planning a way to hide from trick-or-treaters.

Whatever you’re doing, the Wannado team urges you to go all out and dress up this year. What other holiday allows you to transform into literally anything you want? We also know that you probably want to wear that Nashville pride on your sleeve this Halloween, so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Wannado guide to the best Nashville-inspired costumes to:

Strike While The Iron Is Hot:

A Character From Nashville


But let’s be real, Connie Britton will never stop being relevant.


Halloween is the unofficial test of being up-to-date on pop culture. However, Nashville keeps it classy. Instead of donning your best Miley-Cyrus-twerking-at-the-VMAs get-up (which, honestly, you could just pick up some nude colored latex to wrap yourself in from Lowe’s but DON’T let us give you any ideas on that), try paying homage to the show that’s putting us on the map. Bonus: they’re all ridiculously attractive, so you won’t have to ugly it up if your end game is to find some romance this October 31st. You probably have most of the elements in your closet, because you’re Nashville-fashionable on a daily basis, you handsome devils.


Ladies: Take a cue from both Rayna and Juliette – if you have some extensions, now is the time to give that Southern hair a little oomph. Check out our Pinterest board for Nashville-inspired beauty. You could even check out the place where Juliette got her corset made for the music video she filmed in Buddy Killen Traffic Circle – the corsets are for rent at Ani & Ari. If there is a time to wear a bedazzled corset, it’s Halloween.

Fellas: Don’t shave for a day, pick out a flannel, and put on your Imogene + Willies. Because you’re all Deacon, you studs (minus the alcoholism and self-loathing, we hope). Carry around a guitar for effect…we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find one on short notice.

Be A Walking Inside Joke:

A Local Celebrity


No one gets us like the Bang This twins.


Yes, Nashville is notoriously friendly and welcoming. We’ve heard of someone at the airport who sneezed and a chorus of Nashvillian’s sang out “bless you” at the same time. We know how to be inclusive. BUT, there’s nothing wrong with a little “you-had-to-be-there” every once in awhile. If you’re a local, odds are you’ve heard of the Bang This Twins. These dudes go around downtown Nashville spreading super weird cheer, dancing and taking pictures with tourists and locals alike (and being each other’s ultimate wingman). Walk into a party as a local celebrity, and you’ll be able to identify your fellow Nashville lovers by the look of recognition on their faces.


To be the Bang This Twins, just go get some simple blue T-shirts, visors, and some fabric paint. Make sure you have some courage, too, because if people don’t get this costume right off the bat, things can be awkward for a minute (trust us).

Make Your Outfit A Game:

Hipster Band Member or A Guy From Duck Dynasty?


Keep em’ guessing, Jack.


This works best in a group. Gather your bros (or your ladies, if you gals don’t mind sporting some luscious fake beards). Have half of you dressed as members of some toe-tappin’, barefoot, beard-and-harmonica-clad rag tag indie group. Preferably the guys from Old Crow Medicine Show, Iron & Wine…you get the idea. Have the other half dress up as Louisiana’s favorite redneck entrepreneurs. You’d be surprised at the similarities. Do the big reveal at the end of the night and see if your fellow Halloween party-goers could tell the difference. Oh, you and your whimsical costume and social commentary about the similarities of seemingly different subcultures! Well done.


Anything from Bass Pro, Goodwill, or a trash can. Not too hard, y’all. As far as grooming, you should have stopped shaving 5 years ago.

Be Clever & Show Some Local Love:

Local Business Puns

bonBecause OMG you might get retweeted by your favorite coffee shop.


We’ve got local pride for days. We also have an aching desire to showcase our biting wit – such is the nature of mankind. Embrace it for the night and give your favorite local biz some love! What do we mean? Well, are you a fan of Bongo Java? Dress as a cup of coffee and borrow a bongo drum from your free-spirited, noisy neighbor. Presto! You’re a genius. Love the sandwiches from The Silly Goose? Paper mache a beak of some sort, tie a string around it, and tell jokes all night, you silly goose!


BONGO JAVA: Wear all brown (whatever shade represents how you take your cup of joe). Put on a white hat and get a red pipe cleaner coming out of the top like a straw. Hold a bongo drum. Play it until you get kicked out of the party.
FROTHY MONKEY: This one could get weird, but we think you should go for it. Dress up as a monkey and foam at the mouth with the help of some toothpaste and baking soda. Looks more like a rabid monkey, but locals will get the joke.
SILLY GOOSE: Find some sort of cone to spray paint gray and attach it to your nose. Wear all white. Tell jokes all night long, and behave in a silly manner. It’s that easy.
WILD COW: Personify the East Nash vegan restaurant by Sharpie-ing a cheap white shirt/pants with cow spots. Then get wild. We suggest Mardi Gras beads.
THIRD MAN: Find two dudes who are too lame to dress up. Follow them around & carry a tape recorder, recording all the spooky Halloween party sounds. THIRD MAN RECORDS. Ba-dum-ch!
MAD DONNA’S: Dress up as Donna Summer (any jumpsuit with sequins). Act really angry.
THE SMILING ELEPHANT: Wear head to toe gray, fashion some elephant ears/a trunk out of pipe cleaner/fabric, and smile all night long. THERE! You are pleasant AND you’re reppin’ everyone’s favorite Thai Restaurant.

Stick With A Classic:
A Country Legend

Because in the wise words of Dolly Parton, “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.” Bonus points if you dress up your baby like Willie Nelson.


Music City’s got the richest musical history in the south. Why not play it up? Halloween can let you transform into a Nashville great – if you do it right you might even get a double-take from some tourists and sign a few autographs!


You can go so many directions with this one! Whether you want to be Dolly, Reba, Faith, Merle, Willie, Hank…you can do it! We suggest dropping by Katy K’s for some down-south vintage glamour. Also, you’re going to want to walk through the new Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville – they have country star’s wardrobes from yesteryear on display, and it will give you a world of ideas to recreate in time for this Thursday!

Bring out the big guns, Nashville, and don’t be afraid to get a little festive. Tag us in your Halloween snapshots at @wannadolocal so we can see what you end up wearing! Because you’re better than “I’m a mouse…duh.” Grab the Wannado app to plan all your Halloween festivities and get local tips!

– Your local guide.

Holiday Guide, Part 3: Eat and Drink Your Holiday Heart Out

Part 3 of our Holiday Guide will have you full and happy with a listing of Nashville’s yummiest holiday eats and treats!

What holiday guide would be complete without the glue that holds the whole thing together: food and drinks! You wouldn’t even bother going to your in-laws’ house if your mother-in-law didn’t make that chocolate pie that made it all worth it (and your father-in-law didn’t slip a little extra bourbon in your eggnog).

We know that you’ll be hosting or attending plenty of festive events and you’ll need a little break from cooking and the usual spread of holiday fare. That’s why we’re sharing a few of our favorite Nashville restaurants and bars – so you can get out of the kitchen and let someone else do the work.

Check out our faves for celebrating the season with delicious food and drink.

Eat & Drink Your Holiday Heart Out in Nashville

Fine Dining


Photo via IG @bastionnashville

Exclusive and high end with an adventurous menu – one of Nashville’s favorite culinary treats.

Bastion | 434 Houston Street | Nashville


The Standard

Photo via IG @smithhouseevents

A stand-by for incredible steaks, The Standard’s cozy but fancy vibe will give you all the warm holiday fuzzies.

The Standard | 167 Rosa L. Parks Blvd | Nashville




Photo via

Locally sourced, 100% plant based, kosher certified. Also, delish. What more could you ask for?

Avo |3 City Blvd #200 | Nashville



Photo via

A plant-based bistro and bar that makes each dish as gorgeous as it is delicious.

Graze | 1888 Eastland Avenue | Nashville




Photo via IG @attaboynashville

A modern speakeasy with no menu. Name your liquor and prepare to feel the Christmas spirits.

Attaboy | 8 McFerrin Avenue |Nashville


New Heights

Photo via

With carefully crafted brews using ingredients like cinnamon, coffee and vanilla, Christmas flavors will have you feeling merry and bright.

New Heights Brewing | 928 5thAvenue South | Nashville




Image via

Want to impress your holiday guests on Christmas? Get a legendary Nashville Christmas meal from Monell’s. They will whip up a full spread for your holiday guests that is sure to impress any obnoxious… we mean beloved overbearing mother-in-law. Put it in your serving trays and call it your own secret family recipe. You’re welcome.

Monell’s | 1235 6th Avenue North | Nashville


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Visions of Music City’s Past and Future in Nashville’s Nutcracker

Photo by Karyn Photography

Nashville Ballet presents Nashville’s Nutcracker, now through December 23
at TPAC’s Andrew Jackson Hall


With all of the exciting things happening in Nashville right now, it’s easy to forget the unique history of the city. Historically, we have an important place in the state and in the South in general. We also know Nashville is home to some seriously talented artists, dancers and musicians. Culturally, Music City is climbing the charts of cities that embrace the arts in all forms. The Nashville Ballet is celebrating the city’s past and future by presenting a Nashville-themed version of the classic ballet while featuring nearly 300 of the next generation of dancers.

A Nod to the Past

Back in 2008, Nashville Ballet incorporated Nashville’s glittering past into the classic tale of Clara and her magical adventure. Since then, it’s been wowing audiences with its beautiful depiction of this sweet Christmas story.

The stage and costumes might even take you back to your own wonder-filled days, eagerly anticipating Christmas and the joy and magic it brings.

Photo by Karyn Photography

Heralding the Future

If you want to know what the future of dance and performance looks like in Nashville, look no further than the young cast members onstage with the professional dancers of the Nashville Ballet and alongside the musicians of the Nashville Symphony.

Open auditions were held for children in the area, and those chosen come from Davidson and 10 surrounding counties. From soldiers to lambs, these children are bringing the story to life and learning the business at the same time!

Photo by Karyn Photography

Nashville Ballet’s Nashville Nutcracker is a holiday tradition you can’t miss. Get your tickets now to be a part of Music City’s past, present and future in magnificent style.

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Holiday Guide, Part 2: Get the Goods with our Nashville Shopping Guide

You’re officially in the holiday spirit, so now it’s time to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Here’s our Shopping Guide to help you shop ’til you drop.


Now that the holiday season is in full swing and you’re in the proper frame of mind after reading Part One of our Holiday Guide, it’s time to get serious about showering your loved ones with thoughtful and unique gifts.

Oh sure, you could make the usual rounds to big box stores, grab a couple of one size fits all gifts and call it a day. Or worse, just pick up a stack of random gift cards next time you’re checking out at the grocery store and hand them out like candy. (You monster.)

But we think you can do better. There must be a special someone on your Christmas list you’d like to wow with the perfectly picked present… Grammy Fran? Uncle Bernard? Cousin Eddie??

Whoever you’re shopping for, Nashville has something for everyone, and we’ve found some great places to procure those presents.

Check out our favorite uniquely Nashville shopping spots in five fun neighborhoods.

Where to Shop for Nashville Gifts

12 South

Imogene + Willie

2601 12th Avenue South | Nashville

Photo via IG @imogeneandwillie

Located in an old service station, this shop’s eclectic selection of gifts ranges from clothing (their denim will change your life!) to décor and accessories is a local favorite.


East Nashville

Shoppes on Fatherland

Fatherland Street | East Nashville

Photo via IG @gifthorsenashville

From an art shop with one of a kind handmade items (Gift Horse, shown above) to philanthropic businesses (Project 615 and The Shine Project), there’s something for everyone in this vibrant community.


Sylvan Park

Scarlett Begonia

2805 West End Ave | Nashville

Photo via IG @s_b_nashville

Founded in 1981, this iconic Nashville shop specializes in fair trade and eco-friendly items that will please anyone on your shopping list.


Hillsboro Village

Hey Rooster General Store

1711 21st Avenue South | Nashville

Photo via IG @heyrooster

Don’t miss Hey Rooster’s selection of Made in Nashville items that will certainly make spirits bright. Just like any good general store, the selection is varied, and you’re sure to find some delightful surprises on the shelves.



Hey Noli

106 N 2nd Street | Nashville

Photo via IG @shopheynoli

This shop has undeniable style, and kids and adults alike are sure to be delighted with the unique gift items and on-trend clothing you find here.


Opry at the Ryman

116 6th Ave. North | Nashville

Photo by IG @blondeambitiontour

Now that you’ve neighborhood hopped all over Nashville and checked your list twice, don’t forget to take a load off and enjoy some holiday cheer. The best way to celebrate finding the perfect gifts is at the Ryman.

Toby Keith and Emmylou Harris will be featured at the Mother Church for Opry at the Ryman to remind you once again that there’s no place like Nashville for music, shopping and holiday fun. Friday, December 7th  7:00 pm or 9:30 pm

Shop ’til you drop, Nashville!


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Get Your Groove On at OZ Arts’ Presentation of Camille A. Brown & Dancers “ink”

Camille A. Brown and Dancers
December 14-15, 2018

It’s obvious – you’ve been spending all your time at home, sampling Nana’s holiday treats and watching The Grinch on repeat. We know December makes you want to put on your pajama pants and never take them off. (Same here, tbh.)

But under all those layers of fleece, there is still an actual human body. And it needs to move. Easier said than done, we know. We’re not asking for much. Just put on a pair of non-spandex pants (maybe do a little something with your hair while you’re at it) and take yourself to OZ Arts for ink: Camille A. Brown & Dancers and let the music and dance move you.

You’ll get your groove on with the sounds of traditional African and handmade instruments creating sounds influenced by Blues, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Swing. The performers perfectly execute choreography inspired by African-American social dance, African, Tap, Jazz, Modern and Hip-Hop. If this mesmerizing combination of sound and movement doesn’t set your body in motion, you really do have Nana’s peanut butter fudge in your veins.

But even better than feeling the music, ink expresses something much more than just dance and music. It personifies African American narratives and identities through authentic cultural expression. Camille A. Brown leads her dance company through excavations of ancestral stories, both timeless and traditional, that connect history with contemporary culture.

Theresa Ruth Howard of Dance Magazine says, “Along the lines of television producer Shonda Rhimes and film director Ava DuVernay, Brown is a part of a cultural movement of black female artists who are redefining how African-American stories are told: with humanity, sensitivity, depth and intellectual sophistication.”

You will not only be inspired by the beauty of the dance, but by the poignant and powerful stories that the dance brings to life. So what are you waiting for? Put the cookies down and GET TICKETS NOW for this inspiring performance!

Camille A. Brown and Dancers
December 14-15, 2018 at OZ ARTS NASHVILLE

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Holiday Guide, Part 1: Get Jolly with our 4 Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit

Check out our four favorite ways to get in the holiday spirit in Nashville.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, people! If you’re not feeling the holiday love, your time has come. But, how can you expect to be at your holiday best if you don’t prepare? The holidays bring with them plenty of stress and anxiety, so we’re here to help you embrace the joyous warmth of the season, even if that warmth comes in the form of an extra round of hot toddies after spending the weekend decorating the tree with your in-laws.

For Part 1 of our Holiday Guide, we’re starting at the beginning. You can’t enjoy the Christmas fun if you are Ebenezer Scrooge. We want to help you get in touch with your inner Buddy the Elf, so check out our four favorite ways to get in the holiday spirit in Nashville this season.

4 Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit

1. See the Light

What could be more magical than visiting a winter wonderland that’s covered in thousands of twinkling lights? Remember how magical those lights seemed when you were a kid in the back of your mom’s wood paneled station wagon? It’s just like that, but on steroids! Christmas lights these days are way better and Nashville knows how to light it up. Visit these two go-to destinations to see millions of lights!


November 23 – December 30 (Closed on Christmas Day)
5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Gaylord Opryland

November 9 – January 1

2. Sing it Out!

What would Music City be without some great holiday music options? Even if you’re not belting out traditional carols, singing can put a smile on your face and some pep in your step. Just what you’ll need to get through another office Christmas party!

An Elvis Christmas with the Nashville Symphony

Wednesday, December 19th at 7:30 p.m.
Thursday, December 20th at 7:30 p.m.

Christmas at the Ryman with Amy Grant & Vince Gill

Wednesday, November 28 – Sunday, December 23rd*
*Show times and days vary, see the full schedule.

3. Festive Food and Drink

If you’re looking for a way to let loose a little before Christmas, Nashville offers great ways to sample the city’s finest snacks and beverages while celebrating the season with other holly jolly revelers. These two events offer a Christmas-y twist on nightlife.

 Reindeer Games Pop-Up Bar

Beginning December 1st, open every Monday through Thursday
4:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m. (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day included)

Nashville Santa Rampage

Saturday, December 8th at 8:00 p.m.

5. Dress It Up

Now that you’re feeling all warm and happy on the inside, it’s time to make sure your wardrobe reflects your inner holiday cheer. You’ll be out shopping anyway, so make sure to pick up an ugly Christmas sweater or two. And hey, if you’re feeling really fancy, you could break out your formal holiday attire…

Get in the holiday zone with these four suggestions to get your holiday cheer on. Stay tuned for Holiday Guide, Part 2 — coming soon!

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