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Wanna Dress Up? Your Guide To Nashville-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Wanna Dress Up?

All Hallows Eve. It means different things to different people. Parking it in front of the TV for the millionth viewing of Hocus Pocus since October 1 (it really WILL cast a spell on you). You-tubing the classic episode of Boy Meets World (“we’ll always remember he was that tall”). Going to your local five and dime to pick up the best candy money has to offer, because you WILL be the most popular house on the block. Planning a way to hide from trick-or-treaters.

Whatever you’re doing, the Wannado team urges you to go all out and dress up this year. What other holiday allows you to transform into literally anything you want? We also know that you probably want to wear that Nashville pride on your sleeve this Halloween, so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Wannado guide to the best Nashville-inspired costumes to:

Strike While The Iron Is Hot:

A Character From Nashville


But let’s be real, Connie Britton will never stop being relevant.


Halloween is the unofficial test of being up-to-date on pop culture. However, Nashville keeps it classy. Instead of donning your best Miley-Cyrus-twerking-at-the-VMAs get-up (which, honestly, you could just pick up some nude colored latex to wrap yourself in from Lowe’s but DON’T let us give you any ideas on that), try paying homage to the show that’s putting us on the map. Bonus: they’re all ridiculously attractive, so you won’t have to ugly it up if your end game is to find some romance this October 31st. You probably have most of the elements in your closet, because you’re Nashville-fashionable on a daily basis, you handsome devils.


Ladies: Take a cue from both Rayna and Juliette – if you have some extensions, now is the time to give that Southern hair a little oomph. Check out our Pinterest board for Nashville-inspired beauty. You could even check out the place where Juliette got her corset made for the music video she filmed in Buddy Killen Traffic Circle – the corsets are for rent at Ani & Ari. If there is a time to wear a bedazzled corset, it’s Halloween.

Fellas: Don’t shave for a day, pick out a flannel, and put on your Imogene + Willies. Because you’re all Deacon, you studs (minus the alcoholism and self-loathing, we hope). Carry around a guitar for effect…we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find one on short notice.

Be A Walking Inside Joke:

A Local Celebrity


No one gets us like the Bang This twins.


Yes, Nashville is notoriously friendly and welcoming. We’ve heard of someone at the airport who sneezed and a chorus of Nashvillian’s sang out “bless you” at the same time. We know how to be inclusive. BUT, there’s nothing wrong with a little “you-had-to-be-there” every once in awhile. If you’re a local, odds are you’ve heard of the Bang This Twins. These dudes go around downtown Nashville spreading super weird cheer, dancing and taking pictures with tourists and locals alike (and being each other’s ultimate wingman). Walk into a party as a local celebrity, and you’ll be able to identify your fellow Nashville lovers by the look of recognition on their faces.


To be the Bang This Twins, just go get some simple blue T-shirts, visors, and some fabric paint. Make sure you have some courage, too, because if people don’t get this costume right off the bat, things can be awkward for a minute (trust us).

Make Your Outfit A Game:

Hipster Band Member or A Guy From Duck Dynasty?


Keep em’ guessing, Jack.


This works best in a group. Gather your bros (or your ladies, if you gals don’t mind sporting some luscious fake beards). Have half of you dressed as members of some toe-tappin’, barefoot, beard-and-harmonica-clad rag tag indie group. Preferably the guys from Old Crow Medicine Show, Iron & Wine…you get the idea. Have the other half dress up as Louisiana’s favorite redneck entrepreneurs. You’d be surprised at the similarities. Do the big reveal at the end of the night and see if your fellow Halloween party-goers could tell the difference. Oh, you and your whimsical costume and social commentary about the similarities of seemingly different subcultures! Well done.


Anything from Bass Pro, Goodwill, or a trash can. Not too hard, y’all. As far as grooming, you should have stopped shaving 5 years ago.

Be Clever & Show Some Local Love:

Local Business Puns

bonBecause OMG you might get retweeted by your favorite coffee shop.


We’ve got local pride for days. We also have an aching desire to showcase our biting wit – such is the nature of mankind. Embrace it for the night and give your favorite local biz some love! What do we mean? Well, are you a fan of Bongo Java? Dress as a cup of coffee and borrow a bongo drum from your free-spirited, noisy neighbor. Presto! You’re a genius. Love the sandwiches from The Silly Goose? Paper mache a beak of some sort, tie a string around it, and tell jokes all night, you silly goose!


BONGO JAVA: Wear all brown (whatever shade represents how you take your cup of joe). Put on a white hat and get a red pipe cleaner coming out of the top like a straw. Hold a bongo drum. Play it until you get kicked out of the party.
FROTHY MONKEY: This one could get weird, but we think you should go for it. Dress up as a monkey and foam at the mouth with the help of some toothpaste and baking soda. Looks more like a rabid monkey, but locals will get the joke.
SILLY GOOSE: Find some sort of cone to spray paint gray and attach it to your nose. Wear all white. Tell jokes all night long, and behave in a silly manner. It’s that easy.
WILD COW: Personify the East Nash vegan restaurant by Sharpie-ing a cheap white shirt/pants with cow spots. Then get wild. We suggest Mardi Gras beads.
THIRD MAN: Find two dudes who are too lame to dress up. Follow them around & carry a tape recorder, recording all the spooky Halloween party sounds. THIRD MAN RECORDS. Ba-dum-ch!
MAD DONNA’S: Dress up as Donna Summer (any jumpsuit with sequins). Act really angry.
THE SMILING ELEPHANT: Wear head to toe gray, fashion some elephant ears/a trunk out of pipe cleaner/fabric, and smile all night long. THERE! You are pleasant AND you’re reppin’ everyone’s favorite Thai Restaurant.

Stick With A Classic:
A Country Legend

Because in the wise words of Dolly Parton, “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.” Bonus points if you dress up your baby like Willie Nelson.


Music City’s got the richest musical history in the south. Why not play it up? Halloween can let you transform into a Nashville great – if you do it right you might even get a double-take from some tourists and sign a few autographs!


You can go so many directions with this one! Whether you want to be Dolly, Reba, Faith, Merle, Willie, Hank…you can do it! We suggest dropping by Katy K’s for some down-south vintage glamour. Also, you’re going to want to walk through the new Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville – they have country star’s wardrobes from yesteryear on display, and it will give you a world of ideas to recreate in time for this Thursday!

Bring out the big guns, Nashville, and don’t be afraid to get a little festive. Tag us in your Halloween snapshots at @wannadolocal so we can see what you end up wearing! Because you’re better than “I’m a mouse…duh.” Grab the Wannado app to plan all your Halloween festivities and get local tips!

– Your local guide.

How to Host A Perfectly Homegrown Nashville Holiday

This is your guide to creating a memorable holiday, courtesy of some incredibly talented Nashvillians and their unique products.

Whether you’re planning for a traditional Thanksgiving, a festive Friendsgiving, a Happy Harvest feast, or just a quiet Thursday, there is no better place than Nashville to create a perfectly unique gathering on Thanksgiving Day.

From setting a festive table to concocting the perfect dishes and being the consummate host, we will have you ready to break out your eatin’ pants.

How to Host A Perfectly Homegrown Nashville Holiday

Dress up Your Dinner Table

Sure, that hand-traced cutout of a turkey that you made in third grade is cute, but if you’re over the age of 22, you could at least complement it with some actual art or décor. We found the perfect places to find unique and beautiful decorations for Thanksgiving and beyond!

Ten Thousand Villages

Photo via FB @TenThousandVillagesNashville

Ethically-sourced, handmade gifts and décor to make your home shine, with a conscience.
Greenbriar Village, 3900 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 20 | Nashville, TN, 37215


 Hip Holiday Hang

A bazaar featuring handcrafted gifts from local artisans.
Saturday, November 17, 2018 | 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
At Art & Soul 4340 Sidco Drive | Nashville, TN 37204
Reserve your FREE Ticket!


Learn Some New Tricks

We know you’re really good at that Crock-Pot soup, but this is a special occasion – the time to make sure you’re offering up your best recipes and skills. Let Nashville’s talented chefs show you how it’s done with these cooking classes.

Southern Belle Biscuit

photo from @southernbellebiscuit

Learn to make melt-in-your-mouth biscuits from scratch, or signature Nashville hot chicken.
1100 Elm Hill Pike, Suite 170 | Nashville, TN 37210
Book A Class Now!


 Salud at Whole Foods

A variety of cooking styles and techniques are offered, including a vegetarian Thanksgiving class!
4021 Hillsboro Pike | Nashville, TN 37215
Register Now!


Find Fresh, Local Ingredients

Can we just agree that most foods taste better when they do not come out of a can? Good. So head out for fresh, local produce to make your meal stand out from the premade, packaged foods you scarf down when you’re on the run.

The Produce Place

photo from @theproduceplacenashville

Established in 1988, this market offers a variety of fresh, local fruits and vegetables.
4000 Murphy Rd | Nashville, TN 37209


Richland Park Farmers Market

Offering a wide variety of vendors, from meat to sweets and seasonal produce.
4711 Charlotte Avenue | Nashville, TN  37209


Pick the Perfect Pairing

A meal is always a little better with a beverage chosen to complement and highlight the rich flavors you’ve created in the kitchen. Especially if your mother-in-law will be there.

Nashville Farmers Market Real Ale Roundup

photo from @nashvillefarmersmarket

A showcase of Cask Ales from craft breweries in Tennessee.
November 17th 12:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd | Nashville, TN 37208
Get Ticket Details!


City Winery’s Thanksgiving Wine Pairing and Tasting

photo from @citywinerynashville

Learn what to pair with each course this Thanksgiving, and try a few samples!

November 15th | 6:30 p.m.
609 Lafayette Street | Nashville, TN 37203
Buy Tickets!

There you have it; four ways to host a uniquely Nashville holiday. So get to work, and for goodness sake, put away those flimsy Styrofoam plates that break if you put too much dressing on them – we came to eat!

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Nashville’s Jeremy Benton is at Home in Irving Berlin’s White Christmas

Don’t miss a rare chance to experience Irving Berlin’s White Christmas The Musical at TPAC’s Andrew Jackson Hall, November 13-18, 2018.
Get Your Tickets Now!


A lot has changed since White Christmas debuted on the big screen in 1954, but one thing remains the same – many of us are wishing for a true white Christmas, even though we’ve learned that Nashville must be on the naughty list, because a snowy holiday never happens.

But never fear – even if it feels more like spring break on Christmas, you can get your White Christmas fix at TPAC this week! Don’t miss this holiday classic with spectacular music and unforgettable dance numbers. Irving Berlin’s White Christmas musical will put a little spring in your step and have you ready for the coming holiday season.

Nashville’s own Jeremy Benton is excited to be back home for the holidays as Phil Davis. Here’s a message from him …

When the actor is not entertaining theater-goers, he enjoys exploring his home city. Check out his favorite things to do when he’s in Nashville.

Jeremy Benton’s Perfect Day in Nashville

Wannado: You have a whole day free in Nashville just to do your favorite things. Where are you going, and what are you doing?

Jeremy Benton: I would love a massage and facial at the Omni Hotel, maybe take my nieces and nephews (Dexter, Roxie, Liza, & Quentin) to a puppet show at the Nashville Public Library, grab lunch at Husk (veggie plate) or Arnold’s (hopefully they have the squash casserole), maybe snag a half scoop of gooey butter cake ice cream at Jeni’s.

If the weather is nice take a stroll down 12 South to burn off some of those calories, and plan dinner with my family at Margot’s (where, for years, I have always been able to count on a spectacular dinner…side note, I will definitely order the olives), maybe finish off the night with a walk over the pedestrian bridge to marvel at how much Nashville has grown.

Photo: Jeremy Daniel

Wannado: Which venue is your favorite to see a show at?

Jeremy Benton: Schermerhorn Symphony Center – it is breathtakingly beautiful. And it is always an intimate, music-rich performance. I love seeing shows at TPAC, but if you can see a concert at the historic Ryman Theatre, that’s a must do!

Photo: Jeremy Daniel

Wannado: Do you have a shout out to local theatre company/university theatre program in Nashville you think does really stellar productions?

Jeremy Benton: I’d give a shout out to ALL local Tennessee theatre, but I have a special place in my heart for The Cumberland County Playhouse in Crossville. I’ve done many wonderful shows there, and they have some of the best professional theatre in the mid-south. A Nashville theatre company that does INCREDIBLE work is Studio Tenn! Go see anything they do. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get a chance to work there in one of their seasons!

Don’t miss this holiday classic live on stage – it might be the only white Christmas in town!

Irving Berlin’s White Christmas The Musical at TPAC’s Andrew Jackson Hall, November 13-18, 2018.
Get Your Tickets Now!


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Discovering Nashville with Alexandria Corn

We love getting the lowdown on things to do in Nashville from the folks that live here. We especially like learning what new-to-towners, like Alexandria Corn, are discovering in Music City. Find out how this up and coming artist spends her time in her new hometown.

Don’t miss Alexandria Corn on Saturday, November 10 at 4pm at The Row and Sunday, November 11 at 6pm at Frisky Frog’s.

She’s grown up a bit since her appearance on American Idol, but Alexandria Corn hasn’t stopped her upward trajectory in pop country music. You might have heard her first single “Say It Again” or her latest, “Beach Town Sunrise.” You may have also seen her around town since she moved here just a few weeks ago to write and record her first EP.

The upstate New York native took a break from the studio to let us in on some of the Music City stuff to do she’s discovered so far. Read on to find out where you might spot this Nashville newbie and be sure to follow her on Instagram @AlexandriaCornMusic and on Facebook for all the latest updates and new music early in 2019!

Discovering Nashville with Alexandria Corn

1. Where to Catch Up and Coming Artists

You can see Alexandria this weekend at The Row and Friskey Frog’s, but she’s becoming a regular on stages all around town.

“I was introduced to Whiskey Jam a few years back when I was visiting, and ever since then, I have made it a point to check it out. I think it’s so awesome that they showcase local artists and up and coming songwriters. You also never know what country star is going to show up and hop on stage!”

Take a listen to Alexandria’s Acadamia Award-winning single “Beach Town Sunrise” here:

2. Where to See Live Music and Writers Rounds

Alexandria’s performed at “Boots On Stage” events and was entered into the Nash Next 2017 Country Competition, taking place as a finalist for Ventura County with KHAY-FM, but supporting her fellow songwriters at Nashville’s signature venues makes her weekly to-do list.

“The Listening Room Cafe, The Grand Ole Opry and The Bluebird Cafe are legendary, so being able to play there is definitely a step in the right direction for up and coming musicians. Tin Roof, is more about the fun atmosphere. It’s a very positive vibe.”

We have a feeling she’ll be gracing these stages soon, but in her free time, Alexandria can be found exploring Nashville’s neighborhoods, like 12 South.

“Took me an hour to find this mural and I cut off the ‘L.’ #nashville” (Via IG @alexandriacornmusic)

3. Favorite Weekend Party Place

Corn is up for Entertainer of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year and Best Song of the Year in The California Country Music Awards taking place on 12/16/18. Until then, it can’t be all work and no play. To let off steam, Alexandria joins the legions of locals and tourists who shake it off at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row.

“They have great DJs there. My favorite song to dance to is really whatever I’m feeling after a few drinks! Definitely love me some Cardi B.”

Don’t miss Alexandria Corn on Saturday, November 10 at 4pm at The Row and Sunday, November 11 at 6pm at Frisky Frog’s.

Inspired to get out and get moving? Watch and hear more of Alexandria Corn’s music on YouTube! ______________________________________________________________________

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Get Your #Grateful On This Thanksgiving Season

November is the official start of holiday season. It’s a time to celebrate and to show your #grateful. Here are some ways to get you started on giving back.

We’ve seen all your #grateful, #thankful and #blessed posts on Insta, so we know you know how good you’ve got it. Why not spread the love a little during this season of goodwill and appreciation?

Photo via IG @amylattacreations

Nashville isn’t just a great city for food, entertainment, arts and culture, it is a city with generous companies and citizens. If you’ve been missing out on all the fantastic opportunities to improve the lives of others, we can help! Whether you have time, money, talents or goods to share, there are countless ways to give back. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than volunteering with a local charity or nonprofit?

We’ve found a cause for every passion, and we know you’ll leave feeling rewarded, with a drive to help those in need — and not just during the holidays. Check out these five worthwhile causes and get involved!

Five Ways to Get Your #Grateful on in Nashville

1. Park Center

Park Center works to help those with mental illness or substance abuse issues to live and work in their communities. Their goal is to give program participants hope, education, and choice. There are opportunities to get involved with Park Center through monetary or goods donation, volunteering and events.


2. CoYOA Nashville– Coalition of Youth Oriented Arts

 CoYOA supports and encourages arts education and participation to maximize talent and inspire passion for kids. They offer many opportunities to serve by instructing or mentoring youth in creative fields.


3. American Red Cross

It’s no secret that blood donations are always needed, and the American Red Cross is always happy to receive your donation that could directly save lives. With blood drives all across the metro area, this is an ongoing opportunity to feel good about yourself every couple of months. Plus, they have great snacks. And stickers!


4. Second Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest is a well-established and known Middle Tennessee organization. We have all dropped a can or two in a box on the way in to a sporting event or community activity without thinking much about it. But did you know that 1 in 8 Americans experience hunger? The problem is much more prominent than we realize, and Second Harvest works to make an impact by giving individuals and groups plenty of opportunities to donate time or food.


5. HandsOn Nashville

Not sure exactly where to volunteer your time? If you like having LOTS of options, HandsOn Nashville is the best kind of match-making site – one that matches nonprofits and charities with volunteers. Browse the events and organizations and chose one (or a few) that fit your schedule, interests and/or location!


Take some time this holiday season to reflect on all the advantages you have, and find a way to share the love. You’ll be making someone else’s day and helping Nashville live up to its generous reputation.


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3 Ways to Get Your Adrenaline Fix in Nashville

See what you’re made of with these extreme sport adrenaline junkie activities in Nashville.


Sometimes, you just want to feel that crazy adrenaline rush that lets you know you’re alive. You know, kind of like that kid-on-Christmas-morning energy…heart racing, hands shaking, waiting to see what you’re going to get…

We hate to break it to you, but Santa is not coming to see you this year, so you might as well find another way to get your fix. And no, we’re not talking about drinking four Red Bulls for breakfast.

Whether you’re an experienced thrill-seeker or you just want to challenge yourself, Nashville has something to get your heart pumping. So get your game face on for our three favorite ways to test your mettle.

3 Ways to Get Your Adrenaline Fix in Nashville

1. Mountain Biking at Percy Warner Park

Maybe you think biking is a leisurely activity that even first graders can do. That may be true, but that’s not the only way to ride on two wheels. With trails for all skill levels, Percy Warner is a great choice for newbies and experts alike. Get your heart pumping with thrilling downhills and twisty, turny paths through the park. And don’t forget your safety gear people, even the first graders know to put on their helmets first!
Percy Warner Park | 2500 Old Hickory Blvd|Nashville


2. Rock Climbing at Climb Nashville @climbnashvegas

Want to conquer your fear of heights in a controlled atmosphere? What better place than a rock climbing wall! At Climb Nashville you’ll be securely hooked into a harness and belay while you scramble up walls of varying difficulty. For beginners, just learning the ropes (see what we did there?) will be thrilling as you let go of the wall after you conquer your first climb. Trusting the belay is harder than it looks! All you seasoned adventurers out there can challenge yourselves with leveled courses and numerous bouldering areas.
West Location| 3600 Charlotte Ave. | Nashville
East Location| 1900 Eastland Ave.| Nashville

3. Ropes Course Challenges at Treetop Adventure Park @tapadventure

Conquer your fear of heights or attain your lifelong dream of flying at Nashville Shores’ adventure course. Treetop Adventure Park features giant zip lines, swinging bridges, Tarzan swings and more — this adventure takes you through the treetops and tests your courage and balance with over 100 obstacles. Don’t look down!
Treetop Adventure Park at Nashville Shores | 4001 Bell Road | Hermitage

Don’t spend another weekend on your couch, get out there and challenge yourself to new, eye-opening experiences. These adrenaline-fueled activities will awaken your senses and give you a new sense of pride in your own courage and abilities!


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