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Wanna Dress Up? Your Guide To Nashville-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Wanna Dress Up?

All Hallows Eve. It means different things to different people. Parking it in front of the TV for the millionth viewing of Hocus Pocus since October 1 (it really WILL cast a spell on you). You-tubing the classic episode of Boy Meets World (“we’ll always remember he was that tall”). Going to your local five and dime to pick up the best candy money has to offer, because you WILL be the most popular house on the block. Planning a way to hide from trick-or-treaters.

Whatever you’re doing, the Wannado team urges you to go all out and dress up this year. What other holiday allows you to transform into literally anything you want? We also know that you probably want to wear that Nashville pride on your sleeve this Halloween, so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Wannado guide to the best Nashville-inspired costumes to:

Strike While The Iron Is Hot:

A Character From Nashville


But let’s be real, Connie Britton will never stop being relevant.


Halloween is the unofficial test of being up-to-date on pop culture. However, Nashville keeps it classy. Instead of donning your best Miley-Cyrus-twerking-at-the-VMAs get-up (which, honestly, you could just pick up some nude colored latex to wrap yourself in from Lowe’s but DON’T let us give you any ideas on that), try paying homage to the show that’s putting us on the map. Bonus: they’re all ridiculously attractive, so you won’t have to ugly it up if your end game is to find some romance this October 31st. You probably have most of the elements in your closet, because you’re Nashville-fashionable on a daily basis, you handsome devils.


Ladies: Take a cue from both Rayna and Juliette – if you have some extensions, now is the time to give that Southern hair a little oomph. Check out our Pinterest board for Nashville-inspired beauty. You could even check out the place where Juliette got her corset made for the music video she filmed in Buddy Killen Traffic Circle – the corsets are for rent at Ani & Ari. If there is a time to wear a bedazzled corset, it’s Halloween.

Fellas: Don’t shave for a day, pick out a flannel, and put on your Imogene + Willies. Because you’re all Deacon, you studs (minus the alcoholism and self-loathing, we hope). Carry around a guitar for effect…we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find one on short notice.

Be A Walking Inside Joke:

A Local Celebrity


No one gets us like the Bang This twins.


Yes, Nashville is notoriously friendly and welcoming. We’ve heard of someone at the airport who sneezed and a chorus of Nashvillian’s sang out “bless you” at the same time. We know how to be inclusive. BUT, there’s nothing wrong with a little “you-had-to-be-there” every once in awhile. If you’re a local, odds are you’ve heard of the Bang This Twins. These dudes go around downtown Nashville spreading super weird cheer, dancing and taking pictures with tourists and locals alike (and being each other’s ultimate wingman). Walk into a party as a local celebrity, and you’ll be able to identify your fellow Nashville lovers by the look of recognition on their faces.


To be the Bang This Twins, just go get some simple blue T-shirts, visors, and some fabric paint. Make sure you have some courage, too, because if people don’t get this costume right off the bat, things can be awkward for a minute (trust us).

Make Your Outfit A Game:

Hipster Band Member or A Guy From Duck Dynasty?


Keep em’ guessing, Jack.


This works best in a group. Gather your bros (or your ladies, if you gals don’t mind sporting some luscious fake beards). Have half of you dressed as members of some toe-tappin’, barefoot, beard-and-harmonica-clad rag tag indie group. Preferably the guys from Old Crow Medicine Show, Iron & Wine…you get the idea. Have the other half dress up as Louisiana’s favorite redneck entrepreneurs. You’d be surprised at the similarities. Do the big reveal at the end of the night and see if your fellow Halloween party-goers could tell the difference. Oh, you and your whimsical costume and social commentary about the similarities of seemingly different subcultures! Well done.


Anything from Bass Pro, Goodwill, or a trash can. Not too hard, y’all. As far as grooming, you should have stopped shaving 5 years ago.

Be Clever & Show Some Local Love:

Local Business Puns

bonBecause OMG you might get retweeted by your favorite coffee shop.


We’ve got local pride for days. We also have an aching desire to showcase our biting wit – such is the nature of mankind. Embrace it for the night and give your favorite local biz some love! What do we mean? Well, are you a fan of Bongo Java? Dress as a cup of coffee and borrow a bongo drum from your free-spirited, noisy neighbor. Presto! You’re a genius. Love the sandwiches from The Silly Goose? Paper mache a beak of some sort, tie a string around it, and tell jokes all night, you silly goose!


BONGO JAVA: Wear all brown (whatever shade represents how you take your cup of joe). Put on a white hat and get a red pipe cleaner coming out of the top like a straw. Hold a bongo drum. Play it until you get kicked out of the party.
FROTHY MONKEY: This one could get weird, but we think you should go for it. Dress up as a monkey and foam at the mouth with the help of some toothpaste and baking soda. Looks more like a rabid monkey, but locals will get the joke.
SILLY GOOSE: Find some sort of cone to spray paint gray and attach it to your nose. Wear all white. Tell jokes all night long, and behave in a silly manner. It’s that easy.
WILD COW: Personify the East Nash vegan restaurant by Sharpie-ing a cheap white shirt/pants with cow spots. Then get wild. We suggest Mardi Gras beads.
THIRD MAN: Find two dudes who are too lame to dress up. Follow them around & carry a tape recorder, recording all the spooky Halloween party sounds. THIRD MAN RECORDS. Ba-dum-ch!
MAD DONNA’S: Dress up as Donna Summer (any jumpsuit with sequins). Act really angry.
THE SMILING ELEPHANT: Wear head to toe gray, fashion some elephant ears/a trunk out of pipe cleaner/fabric, and smile all night long. THERE! You are pleasant AND you’re reppin’ everyone’s favorite Thai Restaurant.

Stick With A Classic:
A Country Legend

Because in the wise words of Dolly Parton, “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.” Bonus points if you dress up your baby like Willie Nelson.


Music City’s got the richest musical history in the south. Why not play it up? Halloween can let you transform into a Nashville great – if you do it right you might even get a double-take from some tourists and sign a few autographs!


You can go so many directions with this one! Whether you want to be Dolly, Reba, Faith, Merle, Willie, Hank…you can do it! We suggest dropping by Katy K’s for some down-south vintage glamour. Also, you’re going to want to walk through the new Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville – they have country star’s wardrobes from yesteryear on display, and it will give you a world of ideas to recreate in time for this Thursday!

Bring out the big guns, Nashville, and don’t be afraid to get a little festive. Tag us in your Halloween snapshots at @wannadolocal so we can see what you end up wearing! Because you’re better than “I’m a mouse…duh.” Grab the Wannado app to plan all your Halloween festivities and get local tips!

– Your local guide.

Fall Fun in Nashville

Fall in Nashville is a magical thing. There’s just something about the crisp air and changing leaves that make us want to throw on our Ugg boots, grab a PSL and explore fall in our favorite city. 


1. Cheekwood Harvest

Cheekwood is SO quintessentially fall. Think nature, beauty and lots of Instagram photos. You’re guaranteed to see plenty of pumpkins, mums and scarecrows. Cheekwood Harvest kicks off September 21st and runs through October 27th.

Cheekwood Harvest | 1200 Forrest Park Drive | Nashville

2. THE GLOW: A Pumpkin Wonderland

How would you like to walk through a pumpkin wonderland of 5,000 glowing jack-o-lanterns?! Well come on over to the Hermitage, former home of President Andrew Jackson, for this unique fall event! There will be plenty of family fun like a pumpkin patch and live pumpkin carving demonstrations.

The Hermitage | 4580 Rachels Lane | Hermitage


3. Lucky Ladd Farms

THE place for fall family fun on the farm! Superstar, Carrie Underwood, shared photos of her family enjoying the petting zoo and corn maze two years ago. And there’s so much more! From their pumpkin patch to pony rides to farm park activities, there’s something for everyone.

Lucky Ladd Farms | 4374 Rocky Glade Road | Eagleville


4. Nashville Harvest Festival

Witness a grape-stomp, taste some wine, and enjoy live music at the first ever Nashville Harvest Festival at City Winery!

City Winery | 609 Lafayette Street | Nashville


5. Gentry’s Farm

Get lost in their giant, four-acre corn maze (pictured above), take a wagon ride out to see some cows, or let your little ones get hands-on with countless farm fun activities. It’s no surprise Gentry’s Farm is a beloved fall tradition for so many folks!


Gentry’s Farm | 1974 Highway 96 West | Franklin


6. Pumpkinfest

Pumpkinfest is the largest family fall festival in middle Tennessee! Last year, more than 65,000 people gathered on Main Street in downtown Franklin to celebrate all things autumn! You won’t want to miss the extreme pumpkin carving demos and the costume contests! Don’t forget to dress up! Your four-legged friends can get in on the fun too.. the pet costume contests are one of the highlights!

Pumpkinfest | Main Street | Downtown Franklin


7. Honeysuckle Hill Farm

Get ready for lots of fall adventures at Honeysuckle Hill Farm! Not only do they have the quintessential pumpkin patches and corn mazes, they also have a bungee trampoline, zip lines, and a 35 foot climbing wall!

Honeysuckle Hill Farm | 1765 Martins Chapel Church Road | Springfield


8. Breeden’s Orchard

Picking apples is a classic family activity in the fall.. and Breeden’s is the perfect place to go! Grab a basket and pick your heart out but don’t forget to stop in the store to buy some apple cider and a fried apple pie! Yum.

Breeden’s Orchard | 631 Beckwith Road | Mt. Juliet


9. Walden Farm

From hay rides to a pumpkin train, there’s a lot of fall fun to be had at Walden Farm in Smyrna! Your little ones will also want to get their faces painted.. and don’t leave without a pick your own pumpkin!

Walden Farm | 8653 Rocky Fork Road | Smyrna


10. The Nashville Oktoberfest

The Nashville Oktoberfest brings more than 250,000 people to Germantown for four days of fun! From a 5K Bier Run to a Bratwurst Eating Competition to live German music, there will be fun for everyone!

The Nashville Oktoberfest | 998 5th Avenue North | Germantown


Why Middle Tennessee Employers Should Support Employee Caregivers

from Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee

Over the past 18 months, the Council on Aging (COA) of Middle Tennessee has embarked on a journey to understand the impact of eldercare on employers and the needs of working caregivers. The result is a findings-in-brief: The Case for Caregiving: Why Middle Tennessee Employers Should Support Employee Caregivers.

COA’s research began while completing the Center for Nonprofit Management’s Innovation Catalyst program. In partnership with Vanderbilt’s Center for Quality Aging via a Community Engaged Research grant, the organizations conducted focus groups with working caregivers to assess benefits of online support tools, namely COA’s online tools Roobrik: Is It Time To Get Help? and the Directory of Services to explore unmet needs in balancing work and caregiving.

Additional insight to assess awareness of eldercare, current support for working caregivers and opinions about which benefits and services would be most helpful was gained through surveying members of the Middle TN Society of Human Resource Management and Middle TN Employee Benefits Council.

“Tennessee ranks near the bottom of the list for supporting working caregivers,” said Grace Smith, COA’s executive director. “While we knew elder caregiving in the workplace was an issue, it wasn’t until we dug deeper that we understood the disconnect between the needs of working caregivers and benefits and support offered by employers.”

Tennessee ranks 49th for support of family caregivers and 32nd for support of working caregivers*. Although family caregivers provide more than one billion hours of care, they are frequently ill-prepared for their role. The 2014 Tennessee Governor’s Task Force on Aging emphasized the need to improve education and support for family caregivers.

eldercare costing employers graphic

The economic impact and loss of skilled talent is staggering:

  • $2,110 per working caregiver is lost in productivity each year*
  • Health care costs are 8% higher for caregiving employees*
  • Employers lose $6.3 billion each year due to workplace disruptions related to eldercare*
  • Employers spent an additional $6.6 billion each year to replace employees who left their agency due to eldercare responsibilities*
  • Employees in mid-to-high levels of the organization experience greater challenges related to caring for older adults and are more likely to leave their position, taking their skills, talents and institutional knowledge with them*
  • 32% of employees are departing the workplace to care for an older adult*
  • Fewer than 10% of employers offer eldercare benefits*Using the findings, COA has made it a priority to address this unmet need and partner with employers to assist working caregivers. An expert advisory board is guiding development of services. The initiative will be launched in fall 2019 and will include: assessment and best practice consultations for employers, phone consultations for caregivers, on-site Lunch & Learns, and an online portal with care navigation tools and links to resources. COA’s trusted resource guides, including the Directory of Services and Aging & Caring: A Guide for Families and Caregivers, will also be provided to participating employers and their employees.

“Research shows that employers can anticipate a $3 to $13 return for every dollar spent on eldercare benefits*, along with close to 6% reduction in turnover,” said Smith. “We look forward to launching our initiative in the fall and helping companies realize these savings while supporting employees in their efforts to remain productive at work while also caring for aging loved ones.”

For more information, please contact the Council on Aging at 615-353-4235 or email Kayse Martin at

Sources: AARP, The Commonwealth Fund, and The SCAN Foundation,2017 Long Term Services and Support Scorecard,; MetLife Mature Market Group, National Alliance for Caregiving, and the University of Pittsburgh Institute on Aging. (2010). The MetLife Study of Working Caregivers and Employer Health Costs: Double Jeopardy for Baby Boomers Caring for their Parents; Fuller, Joseph, & Raman, Manjari, The Caring Company, (Harvard Business School, 2019), p.10; Fuller, Joseph, & Raman, Manjari, The Caring Company, (Harvard Business School, 2019), p.17; Fuller, Joseph, & Raman, Manjari, The Caring Company, (Harvard Business School, 2019), p.20; The Caregiver Resource Center, Eldercare Solutions for Businesses and their Employees, (2018)

Parks and Rec Offers September Pickleball Clinics and League

The Athletics Division of Williamson County Parks and Recreation is registering for upcoming Fall Pickleball Clinics and Leagues. All activities will be conducted on the outdoor courts at the Academy Park campus located behind the Williamson County Enrichment Center, 110 Everbright Ave., Franklin.

Pickleball Clinics
A paddle sport created for all ages and skill, pickleball rules are simple and the game is easy to learn.

A clinic for beginners will be held September 9, 10 and 11 from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. Registration code #15558.

A Drills and Skills clinic has been added to the schedule to provide a combination of practical training to improve pickleball skills and the implementation of drills to improve performance out on the court. Clinic dates are September 16, 17 and 18 from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. Registration code #15559.

All clinics are taught by experienced pickleball instructors. Cost is $50. Registration is now open at

Pickleball Leagues
WCPR’s Adult pickleball men’s and women’s doubles leagues are open to players who are over 35 years of age and with a skill level 3.0 or higher. Participants should register for the appropriate level according to USAPA guidelines. League play (8 week sessions) will begin the week of September 9 and continue through the end of October. Cost is $40. The leagues will play on the outdoor courts at the Academy Park campus. Register at

Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. It is estimated that two million Americans play the game, and its popularity is growing, especially among seniors. Two-thirds of all pickleball players are over the age of 60, and it is a popular event with local seniors as well as with participants in the Tennessee Senior Olympics.

Space is limited for each clinic. For more information, contact Kylie Preston at or (615) 370-3471, ext. 2116.

Coolest Places to Watch Football in Nashville

Football is back and that means we’ve got weekend plans for the next four months. But if you can’t go to the game, where will you watch? The couch at home is always an option but we’re thinking outside of the box with some creative places for a football watch party. Check it out!

1. Airbnb Rentals

Rather than cleaning your own house for a football party, why not go in with friends to rent out a super cool spot to watch the game?! Just search Nashville houses and condos on Airbnb with patios or pools or whatever tickles your fancy. The photo above is of the Downtown Nashville Pool House and we’re picturing the ultimate Saturday here with food, friends and football.

Airbnb | Nashville rentals


2. Dave & Buster’s

It’s hard to beat Dave & Buster’s when you want to watch football. After all, this place is packed full of games (from arcade to bowling) which means the competitive vibes here are very real and very intense.

Dave & Buster’s | 540 Opryland Mills Drive | Nashville


3. Barlines

Located inside the Omni, Barlines is a really cool spot that many locals forget about. They’ve got some of the biggest TV’s in town which you’re guaranteed to be able to hear thanks to the Hear TV mobile app.

Barlines | 250 Fifth Avenue South | Downtown Nashville


4. Nectar Urban Cantina

Nectar Urban Cantina is the hangout spot in Donelson and it’s easy to see why. The seasonal food is incredible and the atmosphere is fun. They’ve got plenty of TV’s to watch the game but you also won’t be bored during commercials. You can play some games of your own – from disc golf to puzzles to the ring and hook game.

Nectar Urban Cantina | 206 McGavock Pike | Donelson


5. Blue Moon Waterfront Grille

If you can’t decide between the lake and the game (while it’s still warm outside), why not have your cake and eat it too? Blue Moon Waterfront Grille brings the best of both worlds together with their TV’s, football food, and lake views.

Blue Moon Waterfront Grille | 525 Basswood Avenue | Nashville


6. Sam’s at Blue Turtle Bay

Speaking of waterfront bliss.. Sam’s at Blue Turtle Bay is also one of our favorites for football games. Three of our favorite things.. food, football and fantastic views!

Sam’s at Blue Turtle Bay | 2001 Lakeshore Drive | Old Hickory


7. Downtown Sporting Club

We’d be remiss to not have the Downtown Sporting Club on a list of cool places to watch football in Nashville! In fact, this new hang out is kindof the mecca for watching televised sports. They have more TV’s than we can count including a 14-foot screen in their rec room. That’s where you’ll find their axe-throwing lanes you’ll want to try before you leave. If your team loses, it’s the perfect way to get out some frustration before heading home.

Downtown Sporting Club | 411 Broadway | Downtown Nashville


5 Best BBQ Joints in Nashville

Labor Day weekend means cannonballs and cookouts.. but if you’re dreaming of more relaxation in the pool and less labor at the grill this year, we’ve got a list of the best BBQ joints in town that will be perfect for takeout party food.


1. Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint

In many circles, Martin’s Bar-B-Que is the undisputed best barbecue in Nashville. They specialize in West Tennessee Whole Hog BBQ (see photo above), something the owner, Pat Martin, brought to the mid-state. You can even request to take a look at a pig in the pit when you’re at the restaurant. But something you won’t find at Martin’s? Freezers and microwaves. Doesn’t get much fresher than that, folks! As for the menu favorites? Whole Hog BBQ Sandwich (obviously) and the Redneck Tacos. See the full menu here.

Martin’s Bar-B-Que | Six Middle TN Locations

2. Edley’s Bar-B-Que

I often switch up my BBQ outings between Martin’s and Edley’s. They’re both just so southern and so good. Edley’s smokes their meats low and slow each day and you can taste the process! Their brisket is mouth-watering and the barbecue is just insane. You can currently indulge in three locations in Nashville (Sylvan Park, 12 South and East Nashville) but there will soon be a fourth spot in the heart of Music City! Edley’s will be opening up inside The Nashville Food Hall, part of the new Fifth + Broadway development. Check out Edley’s full menu here.

Edley’s Bar-B-Que | Three Nashville Locations


3. Peg Leg Porker

Just a few steps behind the Gulch is a Nashville BBQ favorite, Peg Leg Porker. Their patio has a great view of Nashville, a perfect spot to indulge in their low and slow smoked barbecue. You must try their famous white sauce! Their BBQ Nachos are also a pretty big deal! Check out the full menu here and don’t leave without a picture at the “Spread Your Wings” chicken wing mural on the side of the restaurant.

Peg Leg Porker | 903 Gleaves Street | Nashville


4. Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Que

These folks know the secrets to great barbecue: meat, smoke and time. You can smell Jim ‘N Nick’s before you can see it, that’s for sure. They serve up some insanely delicious barbecue, ribs, and brisket.. not to mention the sides! Jim ‘N Nick’s has three locations around the city (Smyrna, Murfreesboro and Cool Springs) but their Nashville location is on Charlotte Pike. Check out their full menu here.

Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Que | 7004 Charlotte Pike | Nashville


5. Jack Cawthon’s Bar-B-Que


Jack’s Bar-B-Que is a Nashville staple with three Nashville locations, the original on Broadway which opened in 1976! Sooo.. these guys know what they’re doing. Whether you’re craving pork, chicken, ribs, or brisket.. they’ve got it all. Check out their full menu here.

Jack Cawthon’s Bar-B-Que | Three Nashville Locations




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