Friday, August 23, 2019
A Limited Engagement with ELEL & Friends
The Basement
Sat, Jul 27 8:00 pm

ELEL: Early in 2017, ELEL frontman Ben Elkins went through a divorce with the band’s namesake. Soon after, he watched half the members of the group walk away, as well as the record label. Each step seemed impossible to endure. He found that working on new music became as vital as eating or breathing. “These are survival songs,” says Elkins. “They’ve kept me alive this year.” Survival brings clarity, and Ben, along with two founding members Tim Cook and Zach Tichenor, have clearly found their way forward. They’ve recorded a slew of new songs and have started to release them one by one, beginning with “Be Yeah” earlier in 2018. Yon Ort: Yon Ort is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, J. Eric Wilson. Born on January 7th, 1983 in rural Kentucky, he spent his childhood on a pig farm helping his family raise tobacco. He began singing in church and at family gatherings at a young age before his grandfather eventually bought him a classical guitar at a yard sale. This sparked his interest in songwriting which inevitably led to forming numerous bands while in high school and college.  

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