Saturday, February 23, 2019
Blank Range with Ona
The Basement
Fri, Feb 15 8:00 pm

Blank Range: Blank Range is an American rock band based out of Nashville, TN. The band consists of singer Jonathon Childers, drummer Matt Novotny, bassist Taylor Zachry, and guitarist/singer Grant Gustafson. Rolling Stone magazine describes their sound as a “magical combination of dissonant, Pavement-esque and pavement-ready garage rock & roll with a keen grasp of how to make it all wildly melodic — thanks to super-sticky riffs, restrained psychedelia and a sense of composition that's restless, surprising and pretty fearless.” Ona: Ona makes songs that take place in these spaces. Bradley Jenkins and Zack Owens write about passions slamming into roadblocks. They write about longing, resentment, searching, and waiting. They are backed by a tight rock and roll band comprised of Zach Johnston, Max Nolte, and Brad Goodall. The five of them create music that pulses and buzzes and echoes and rolls. It feels like standing with sweat in your eyes in grass up to your knees. It feels like getting your tennis shoes wet walking along the banks of the river. It feels like catching a buzz off a bottle your buddy stole from his brother and skipping track practice. It feels like taking a long walk into the trees when you can still hear them arguing inside the house. 

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