Friday, August 23, 2019
Commander Keen with High Pony, Crumbsnatchers and Desk Job
The East Room
Wed, Jul 24 8:00 pm

Commander Keen: Garage/Rock Band from good ol' Tennessee. High Pony: Brooklyn's High Pony just released their full-length debut album, Seen A Change, back in December, but the band found themselves back in the studio almost immediately. The results are their sophomore album, Nothing Here Is Mine, due out June 8th. Picking up the momentum from their last release and hurtling forward without over gestating ideas, High Pony has leveled up. Produced and recorded by Adam Reich and Brad Fisher at Second Base (Sunset Park, NYC) and Sine Studios (Philadelphia, PA), the song's sound urgent and caustic, thrashing at maximum volume, guitars pummeling everything in sight. With only the difference of several months, High Pony has taken a wide leap in both temperament and arrangement, opting for immediacy and corrosive distortion to balance the untamed vocal approach.-by Dan Goldin CrumbSnatchers: The first time Guetts, the band's eccentric frontman, heard the term "crumb snatcher" was in reform school. A staff member named Chris bobo would occasionally refer to some of delinquents as "CrumbSnatchers." When Guetts asked him what that meant, Bobo said that a CrumbSnatcher is a wild, rambunctious child who refuses to behave. Though it comes off an insult, we found something endearing about the term. A few years later when the band was having success writing, it was time to come up with a name, and we thought that wild and crazy kids perfectly fit the attitude of the music we were writing. Desk Job.: Nashville Pop Punk band.  

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