Friday, August 23, 2019
Covet with Vasudeva and Holy Fawn
The High Watt
Thu, Jul 25 8:00 pm

Covet: Covet is the adventure rock trio that accompanies complex, mathematical guitar tunes penned by instrumental phenom Yvette Young. Young began playing and performing early in life, learning piano at age four and picking up violin by age seven. She fused the techniques of both instruments into a specialized form of guitar mastery. It’s a fast-paced, intricate, two-handed playing style that mimics the momentum of classical music. Apart from music, Young is heavily invested in pen drawing and painting and finds inspiration in the interconnectedness of the natural world. Young loves the ocean and uses the tide’s push and pull as a muse for her spectacular guitar composition. Vasudeva: Vasudeva is an instrumental rock band from New Jersey. Formed out of a lasting high school friendship, the tight-knit trio creates seemingly effortless, beautifully dynamic soundscapes, locked in by a firm backdrop of unrelenting grooves, while drawing on their post-rock, ambient, lo-fi, and electronic forms all in equal measure. Written from late 2014 to late 2015 after returning home from their first European tour, the band’s second full-length album, No Clearance, is the product of countless hours of listening, observing, tweaking, and evolving, honing in an impressive spread of recording techniques and production styles, while redefining genres in the process. Holy Fawn: Holy Fawn has been building quite a reputation for themselves over the past two years, since the 2016 release of their EP Realms. Much of this hype was driven via social media by This Patch of Sky frontman Kit Day, who proclaimed Holy Fawn the best live band he’d ever witnessed and could often be seen singing their praises all around Facebook. For a band that doesn’t really present as a post-rock band, they nevertheless began to establish quite a following in numerous circles within that genre.-David Zeidler

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