Thursday, April 9, 2020
Data Dive 24 | Mar 27 & 28
MTSU - Miller Education Center
Fri, Mar 27 12:00 pm

Want to learn about Data Science and Machine Learning in 24 hours? Join us for this 24-hour Data Hackathon at Middle Tennessee State University as we dive into data provided by VHT, our main sponsor for this event. We will be looking at call center data from VHT and looking for insights and predictive analysis. Some tools that you will be able to learn: Python, Tableau, Power BI, Azure, AzureML, Jupyter, and anything else that you want to use. Skills Needed? NONE - we are looking for students and faculty that have a desire to learn. Skills would be helpful, but everyone is welcome. (Skills needed: problem-solving skills, database/SQL, Python, Tableau, PowerBI, and anything else that you want to dabble with.) Agenda the event: Friday, March 27th 12:00PM - Serve lunch and introduce the problem and rules for the hackathon 12:30PM - divide into groups and get started looking at the data 5:00PM - Dinner will be served 5:30PM - Quick feedback and summaries from groups 6:00PM - 12 Midnight - teams work (snacks, coffee, and energy drinks are provided) Saturday, March 28th 12:00AM - Pizza run!!! 8:00AM - Breakfast and coffee 9:00AM - Summary from each group and rules for the final 3 hours 11:30AM - Lunch served 12:00PM - Groups present their results and findings

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