Saturday, November 17, 2018
Edhochuli with The Reptilian-The Last Tour, Gnarwhal and Donors
The East Room
Fri, Jun 15 8:00 pm

Edhochuli: Edhochuli (pronounced ed-HOCK-you-lee) is a heavy, progressive punk band. Their music is raw, intense and filled to the brim with mathematical guitar riffs, free-wheeling solos and guttural screams. The quartet has spent years on the road performing in dark clubs and honing in their aggressive, amped up sound.  The Reptilian: Kalamazoo, Michigan trio The Reptilian have stood their ground against the powers of the music industry for years. Even so, there’s a new light being shed as they’ve released their LP End Paths. “We haven’t really experienced having this much care put into a release,” Russ Wagner comments. Out via Skeletal Lightning and Community Records in the U.S. and I.Corrupt.Records in Europe, the release finds the band twisting their math rock into new directions; like taking a 90 degree angle and collapsing the expectations that that is all it can be.-Sean Gonzalez Gnarwhal: "There are two possible scenarios behind the sound of these Nashville natives: Either they are demonic prodigies who were doing angular guitar solos as soon as they plopped out of the womb; or they spent their entire youth cloistered away finger-tapping and studying off-beat syncopation, while all their friends were out having fun." -mixedvegetablez music blog Donors: An indie rock band from NW Georgia.

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