Free The Dream Conference | Sept 13-15
The Factory at Franklin
Fri, Sep 13 8:00 am

The Free The Dream Conference is designed to help you... Destroy the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living life according to your full potential Unshackle your imagination and rediscover your ability to dream big dreams Discover how to set and achieve any goal that you remain focused on Achieve more in less time by learning how to stay focused on what is most important Increase your capacity for financial success and finally end the pattern of self-sabotage Develop a healthy relationship with money and "profit" Finally, break through procrastination so you can finally get things done that need to be done! Protect yourself from external circumstances by taking full control of your emotions Build a successful business without destroying your personal relationships Master your physical body and your business at the same time How to create change that will last. The event will be held on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, September 13th, 14th & 15th 2019. The event will be all day Friday, all day Saturday and will end at 12:30pm CT on Sunday.

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