Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Goat Yoga Nashville- New Year Class
Goat Yoga Nashville
Sat, Jan 18 11:00 am

Greetings Y'all!!! It’s 2020 and what do ya know Goat Yoga Nashville is ready to go go go!! So come join us for a magical Yoga session filled laughter, fun, music and of course our sweet little Goats dressed in their adorable holiday attire. You don’t want to miss this!! So sign up today and feel the wondrous feeling of a Namaste New Year!!! **Yoga Mats ARE provided for your use FREE of charge but if you'd like to bring and use your own you are more than welcome. ***All ages are welcome, although, Goat Yoga may not be suitable for smaller children or children under the age of 8. They are still more than welcome to attend and participate but adults responsible for the children are required to supervise and watch younger children and ALL children at all times.

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