Thursday, June 20, 2019
Jakob Lewis: The HEARD Live!
OZ Arts Nashville
Thu, Jun 13 7:00 pm

The HEARD Live! features a collaboration of indie podcasts – all part of a collective known as The Heard – broadcast live and curated by Jakob Lewis, creator of Nashville Public Radio’s Neighbors podcast and OZ Arts’ first artistic fellow. With OZ Arts, the collaborative takes on new cohesion of artfully told sound-rich narratives – intimate moments filtered through The Heard’s collective genius – brought to life. The HEARD podcasters, who hail from “San Francisco to Nashville and Minneapolis to Montreal,” include:  Neighbors Nocturne: Peering Into the Dusty Corners of the Night How to be a Girl: Daily Life with my Transgender Daughter Arrvls: A Podcast About Change Rumble Strip: Good Conversation That Takes Its Time The brilliant producer Sara Brooke Curtis Each podcast represents an intimate pass into someone’s world and hearing about the moments that transformed them. About Jakob Lewis: Lewis began his podcasting career with inspiration from popular radio program This American Life. He brought a background in sound design and music production, along with an innate curiosity, to the task. He discovered not only that simple stories and singular focus could unite us all; he also found likeminded podcasters from across North America.

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