Friday, August 23, 2019
Meet and Greet in East Nashville
Wed, Jul 24 6:00 pm

Are you frustrated by what's happening in Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Georgia, Ohio or Pennsylvania? Come out and meet like-minded people in your neighborhood as Sister District gathers for the first time in East Nashville! We're taking the country back, state by state. Learn how to flip red states to blue, fight gerrymandering, and fight voter suppression. Sister District puts progressives to work on high-impact races in red or vulnerable blue districts. In 2019 and 2020 we're focusing on "Last Chance" races—our last chance to flip before redistricting in 2021. Help us elect more progressive state legislators in states across the country, starting with Virginia, Louisiana, and Mississippi with elections in 2019 and then continuing on with many more states with elections in 2020. You'll hear from local volunteers about the rationale behind the Sister District approach and learn more about opportunities for much-needed, important and deeply satisfying volunteer work. Sister District is a CO-ED organization. We encourage volunteers (and candidates) of all genders to work with us. The “Sister” in our name refers to the concept of pairing teams of volunteers with races in a different location (kind of like “Sister Cities”). We believe in gender justice and gender equity, and have many fantastic volunteers and candidates who are not female. Light refreshments will be available. Bring a friend!

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