Saturday, April 20, 2019
Molly Nilsson with Ruby The RabbitFoot and Apostille
Tue, Mar 26 8:00 pm

Molly Nilsson: Berlin-based, Swedish-born artist Molly Nilsson is a firm believer in the D.I.Y approach. Her insular, dark synth-pop is balanced by the swooping melodies and detached grace of her vocals. Nilsson’s first album, 2008’s These Things Take Time, was released with only 500 copies made, then followed the next year by another album, Europa. She then set out to self-release a record a year on Dark Skies Association (Follow the Light in 2010, History in 2012, and Travels in 2013, the latter co-released with Night School). Along the way, she and John Maus recorded a version of “Hey Moon” for his 2011 album, We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves. Always fond of traveling, Nilsson took a step out of her comfort zone by heading to Argentina for two months, where she made Sólo Paraíso: The Summer Songs EP. Zenith was released by Dark Skies Association and Night School in late 2015 followed by the expansive Imaginations. Nilsson is set to release an 8th full- length album, 2020, on October 21st. Ruby The RabbitFoot: Growing up on St. Simon's Island just off the coast of Georgia, Ruby Kendrick always heard that one of her aunts was a witch. Now, having renamed herself after a rabbit's foot talisman, Ruby the RabbitFoot is part of the thriving Athens, Ga., music scene. Ruby the RabbitFoot's new album, Divorce Party, represents a major change for her music. Her last album, New As Dew, was best described as minimal folk-pop. But for Divorce Party, she's thrown all the folk out the window to make room for new beats, synths, and a reinvented pop persona. Apostille: As a man with a number of musical projects around town, Michael Kasparis is a name you'll likely recognize. Kasparis founded and runs the Glasgow-based Night School Records label; he’s also a member of hardcore punk bands Anxiety and The Lowest Form. Under the alias Apostille, his solo electronic project, he releases his second album Choose Life this month. When we meet up with Kasparis at a café in Glasgow’s Southside, Anxiety have just recently played their last-ever show; a point of transition that seems apt with the imminent Apostille release. “We played our last gig… Saturday just gone in Bologna. I was doing double duty – I was touring Apostille and then Anxiety at the same time. So yeah, it was intense,” he laughs. “It would have been nice to do the last [Anxiety] gig in Glasgow, but that’s just the way it happened. One of the guitarists moved away from Glasgow, basically. We didn’t want to be like Iron Maiden and start drafting people in. It would just be a bit weird.”  

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