Friday, August 23, 2019
Music at the Frist: Pianist Embers Music
Frist Center Cafe
Fri, Jul 26 6:00 pm

Music is a language measured in rhythm and song. For pianist Embers Music, that language describes motion and emotion. This pianist does not simply hear music, she sees it in dancing forces across her mind’s eye. That envisioned dance is the instrument whereby she explores dynamics and tempo to share thoughts and feelings and dreams. Embers Music is mostly self-taught. She took piano lessons throughout middle school and high school, off and on, but didn’t really come into her own until she began exploring music for herself, alone. Every Embers Music performance is a reaction to the environment in which she plays, so the audience, to a large degree, plays a significant role in the improvisational music she creates.  Life has thrown many challenges at this pianist, and she has responded with an ever-brighter desire to answer pain with beauty. Music is one way that she gives that answer. Her stories flow in her drumming rhythms and wistful melodies, telling her heart of justice and kindness and endurance. Please join Embers Music and share in a night of life and laughter and story and song. The world may insist on being hurtful and harsh, but it will be made a more beautiful place if this musician has her way.

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