Saturday, May 25, 2019
Nicholas Wall Album Release + Us & Them, Eureka, MO and Virtue Furnace
The East Room
Thu, Apr 25 8:00 pm

You are invited to join Nicholas Wall and friends for the release of his debut album, "Save Me, I'm Doing Fine."  Nicholas Wall: Nashville-based singer-songwriter Nicholas Wall has released his debut record 'Save Me, I'm Doing Fine'. While from Nashville, Wall leans toward anthemic rock rather than the pop-country the city is infamous for. Us & Them: Us & Them embodies the unity of emotion and music. The 4-piece Indie Punk outfit from Nashville has a knack for bringing odds and ends together in a slicked-back assault on the senses. Heartfelt melodies and intricate guitars hover above pounding drums and bombing bass. Picture a grimy punk show in the basement below a hip, wine-and-vinyl kickback...suddenly the floor cave in - as indie kids and punks alike shake off the dust and dance to the music. Eureka, MO: Dedicated to provide Nashville's punk scene with family-friendly emo music, Eureka, MO is a band that realizes the importance of emo music for adolescents. Virtue Furnace: Industrial Sludge Pop. Music that your shadow self might like when it’s feeling especially repressed.  

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