Peter Bradley Adams with Leah Blevins
3rd and Lindsley
Thu, Dec 06 8:00 pm

Peter Bradley Adams: No matter the form, when it comes to art, there are a number of different tacks to take. Some artists continually push their work across new horizons. Others stand a bit more still in order to continually refine the capturing of their vision. Singer/songwriter Peter Bradley Adams falls into the latter category of perfectionists chasing their own perfection. With A Face Like Mine, he may well have caught it. There's a confidence, a completeness in the song cycle that listeners have gleaned throughout Adams' illustrious career, but A Face Like Mine, his sixth solo effort, brings it all into sharp focus. Adams' brand of Americana nestles his often delicate, always heartfelt voice in the warm embrace of gentle guitar, tasteful dobro, subtle banjo, supportive bass, and unhurried percussion. The result is a sonic scape that, in turn, wraps itself around the listener like a soft blanket on a cold day.  Leah Blevins: Within the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Sandy Hook, KY, came Nashville rising singer/songwriter Leah Blevins. With hints of Emmylou Harris and Stevie Nicks, Leah’s country, bluesy style is expressed and felt through song as she relentlessly captivates music listeners with her haunting voice and touching lyrics.

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