Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Pile with The Spirit of The Beehive
The East Room
Fri, Oct 12 7:00 pm

Pile: Pile have never released the same album twice, since the project’s 2007 beginnings the Boston quartet have been continuously evolving, pushing expectations, and obliterating good sensibility. A Hairshirt of Purpose, the band’s fifth album continues that tradition in a different light. Following the raw intensity and unpredictability of You’re Better Than This, the band settled down to create an album about “the joys of solitude” and “the inescapable selfishness of every action,” exploring the limits of the studio in the process. If their last album was a challenge to their audience, A Hairshirt of Purpose is a challenge to the band itself.  Recorded at home in Boston at The Record Co. the studio's big windows and close proximity marked a change from the band’s previous recordings. Pile vocalist/guitarist Rick Maguire shared, “we were at home and we could see the sun, and I think both of those things lent themselves to a more focused and deliberate record.” There’s a warmth and radiant accessibility to be found throughout the album as the band experimented with different instruments (violin, viola, piano, organs, synths, banjo, etc) and a resounding push toward clarity. Pile balance their ferocious tendencies with moments of beauty, building tension with release never too far behind.  The Spirit Of The Beehive: "Spend enough time scraping away the caked-on resin, though, and the asymmetrical melodies that typified [their] earlier work emerge. And so we arrive at the familiar, pleasurable debate with zonked-out, lo-fi pop tinkerers..." - Ian Cohen, Pitchfork "The Spirit Of The Beehive has a way of juxtaposing the pretty with the messy, making taut songs that feel a little off-axis, with sudden, jagged-edged outbursts that come when you least expect them. It's an appealing, loose formula..." - Mike Katzif, NPR "Spirit of The Beehive show artistic brilliance...creating something bright, mysterious, and wholly captivating. It is hard to compare them to anyone else, as they have created a trademark sound that they honor but do not confine themselves to." - Emma Shepard, Post-Trash  

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