Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Sarah Darling and Jesse Terry
City Winery
Mon, Jan 14 8:00 pm

Sarah Darling: Working with writers and producers in Nashville and the UK, her second “home away from home,” this rapidly rising singer-songwriter has developed a distinct and contemporary sound that fuses together influences from both sides of the Atlantic. Born and raised in Iowa and now living in Nashville, TN, Sarah Darling has become a fan favorite, noted for her “stunning ballads,” and “angelic vocals.” Making waves with her own personal blend of US country with UK country and pop influences, Darling was nominated for 2017 "International Artist of The Year" by the British Country Music Awards. Darling’s dedicated fan base has followed her closely since her earlier albums, Every Monday Morning and Angels & Devils, as well as Home to Me, a four-song EP that included her breakout single, the title track "Home to Me." Featured on SiriusXM's The Highway, "Home to Me" became the top-selling digital single from a new female artist in the year of its release. Jesse Terry: A true musical journeyman, Jesse Terry has made it his mission to share his love of music fully and completely, without regard for shading his emotions or tempering his convictions.  By his own definition, he’s never been a cautious individual, but rather one who finds inspiration and optimism in the solace and joy making music brings him; and that which he can impart to others. In that regard, his artistic quest has become satisfying and self-fulfilling. “Things happen for me at the right place and time when I’m focusing on my art and connecting with people,” Jesse suggests. “I’ve always had the desire to spread peace and unity through my music. This gives me a tangible purpose, even when life doesn’t seem to make much sense.”  

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