Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Sierra Ferrell with Dylan James Smucker and The Tenders
Sat, Jul 13 9:00 pm

Sierra Ferrell: Wicked and wild, her sirens call an oil spill, floating atop thee languid waves of torment, a nanny-nanny-bew-bew to the ocean beneath, she caresses thee buoying masses, holding them aloft with thee effortless grace of a branch-bearing dove. Born from the dark, rich soil of West Virginia, raised in the clear, hop-scented country air, Sierra Ferrell cut her teeth on the rail lines, truck stops, street corners, and dingy, dimly lit listening rooms all across the land, belting out her old-time melodies, a sorcery, drawing her patrons, ever more deeply, into her animated tapestry of forlorn, star-crossed love, of longing, poverty, of suffering and triumph, encompassing that irreconcilable thrum of the human spirit and all the complexities of emotion that come with it. Dylan James Smucker: His songwriting, which is mature beyond his years, is backed by an infusion of blues and jazz with just a touch of pop. He started playing music early on and he recorded his first EP in Nashville, TN when he was just 14 years old.  The Tenders: The Tenders are an American garage Rock ’N’ Roll trio formed in East Nashville, Tennessee. With members originally hailing from the twin cities, the land of OZ, and the Florida swamps, their sound embodies a fusion of blues-rock, dark surf, garage, and rockabilly. Comprised of Tracy Jean (drums), Ariel Isa (bass), and Marco Argiro (vocals, guitar) the group formed at the end of 2017 with the intention of having fun and helping to do away with the cookie cutter, overproduced sound that has become the norm these days. The Tenders are here to shake things up by bringing some grit back to their current home in MUSIC CITY. Their tunes are catchy ear worms with raw, visceral, and evocative lyrics that hint at a time of rhinestone nudes and blue suede shoes.   

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Tue, Jul 16 6:00 pm
Ascend Amphitheater
Tue, Jul 16 7:00 pm
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Tue, Jul 16 8:00 pm
Ryman Auditorium
Wed, Jul 17 7:30 pm