Monday, December 16, 2019
Skizzy Mars with Yoshi Flower and Zaia
Wed, Nov 20 8:00 pm

Skizzy Mars: Freedom catalyzes creativity. When unshackled from addictions, expectations, and fears, art flourishes, potential actualizes, and energy awakens. Skizzy Mars undergoes such an awakening on his 2019 full-length debut, Free Skizzy Mars. By way of verbal dexterity, catchy confessions, and upbeat cinematic presentation, the New York-born rapper, songwriter, and artist documents a remarkable trip to the brink and back. The wisdom accrued, perspective gained, and experience earned enrich his vulnerable, vivid, and vital take on hip-hop. Yoshi Flower: Yoshi Flower is an anti-pop anti-hero. The singer-songwriter-producer’s debut independently released single, “Movies,” earned early praise from iD and Billboard with FADER calling Yoshi’s sound, “effectively early Lana Del Rey except if her partying involved EDM.” Zaia: Zaia is a 21-year-old Atlanta native following his dreams through the rhythm of his own time and sound. Growing up in Atlanta, Zaia was surrounded by a blend of music, art, and culture from many different time periods. Through this, he has begun to create and hone a style that is completely unique to himself. “I just make whatever I feel like making. I just want it to sound good”, is the mantra he lives by. Ironically, his music career would've never started if not for getting cut from his high school basketball team for behavior. "Yeah, after I got cut, I just began to hang around my friends all the time. All they did was make music, and I had something to say".

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