Thursday, June 4, 2020
Sound + Restore: Half Day Retreat with Ann Sensing
Bloomsbury Farm
Sat, May 30 10:00 am

Venture to the beautiful Bloomsbury Farm for a half-day retreat focused on remembering who you are - refueling the mind, body, and soul with sound meditation practitioner, Ann Sensing. We will open the morning with a gentle arrival and get grounded through connecting with nature through meditative movement, landing in restorative shapes supported by blankets and bolsters. After we get the body nice and relaxed, we will take some time to get quiet as we go within to listen deeply, reflect, and contemplate. There will be journaling, discussion, and various meditative exercises to further discover the wisdom of the body through experience. Upon mid-day, we will delight in a locally sourced, seasonal organic lunch together, prepared via live-fire by Edgar Pendley (TennFold, Urban Grub). And lastly, we get cozy and comfortable as Ann leads us through her sound bath - a deeply meditative immersion into sound, with use of overtone-emitting instruments, such as crystal singing bowls, chimes, gong, and tuning forks. As we allow ourselves space and time for rest, we set ourselves up to receive fully and rejuvenate ourselves from the inside out, creating space for natural healing to occur.

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