Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Sunday Spotlight with Carey Ott
The Bluebird Cafe
Sun, Jan 19 6:00 pm

Singer/songwriter Carey Ott grew up loving the usual suspects: the Beatles, Prince, Michael Jackson. Basically anything melodic with a funky beat,” he grins. Little surprise that the Illinois native’s debut album, Lucid Dream, was filled with a mix of shimmering-pop and dreamy-rock. “I’ve always been a very active dreamer. A lot of my lyrics and ideas come from my subconscious. I’m fascinated with what happens while we dream. When I sit down to make music, I let it flow like I’m in a quasi-dream state. Like throwing paint on a canvas. Sometimes I make more sense of it later, but I enjoy leaving the edges blurred. I’m seeking that first-take, sorta half-assed magic that guys like Lou Reed and Bob Dylan have perfected.”

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