Saturday, November 17, 2018
Suzanne Santo with Leah James
The High Watt
Sat, Jun 16 9:00 pm

Suzanne Santo: Caught halfway between the dark swoon of pop-noir, the raw rasp of soul music, and the honest punch of Americana, Suzanne Santo's Ruby Red tells the story of a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who, more than 10 years into an acclaimed career, is turning a new corner.  Produced by multi-platinum Grammy nominee Butch Walker (whose Los Angeles recording studio gives the album its name), Ruby Red marks Santo's first release as a solo artist. For the past decade, she's spent most of her time fronting the Americana duo HONEYHONEY, whittling her banjo, violin, and vocal chops into sharp shape along the way. Here, she takes a break from that longtime gig to explore something different, creating a moody, sexually-charged album filled with organic instruments, distorted fiddle, Walker's powerful electric guitar, and Santo's most stunning vocal performances to date. Leah James: While She Sleeps is the debut solo release from indie-folk artist Leah James. Hushed one minute and as lush as a Hollywood film score the next, the album was entirely self-written and self-produced by James, who fills While She Sleeps with songs about family, femininity, and independence.  "After becoming a mother, I felt very inspired," says the songwriter, who composed the melodies and stirring arrangements from a yurt outside of her Los Angeles home, during her daughter's daily naps. James also pulled double-duty as the album's producer, layering the songs with tenor guitar, piano, symphonic strings, and the swoon of her own voice. The result is a record that sounds like its California birthplace: soft and sun-streaked, with songs that evoke everything from the wild, pastoral charm of Laurel Canyon folk to the bright bounce of indie pop.   

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