Wednesday, January 16, 2019
The Katies with Cusses
Sat, Jan 19 9:00 pm

The Katies: The Katies started in the late 1990s with brothers Jason Moore (vocals/guitar), Joshua Moore (drums) and Gary Welch (bass/backing vocals). The rock trio grew out of the hotbed of young musicians surrounding the Recording Industry Management program at Middle Tennessee State in Murfreesboro, TN. The Katies combined raw energy, pop craft and thunderous power in a way that inspired a music critic from The Tennessean to describe them as “what would happen if Nirvana, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin had ever jammed together.”Their self-titled CD resulted in Spongebath records, the Murfreesboro indie label, forming a co-label deal with Elektra.  Cusses: Power(house) trio Cusses originally hailed from Savannah, currently residing in Nashville, now which isn’t necessarily known as a rock ‘n’ roll hotbed but should be on the radar of scene-watchers everywhere if this 2-guy, 1-gal combo is any signpost. That they have Los Angeles and NYC roots is immediately evident, however, as the ten tracks on their self-titled debut fairly bleed at the seams: there’s a classic glam-slam punk core here bolstered by touches of hardcore, psychedelic garage and metallic grunge, vocalist Angel Bond yelping and snarling with operatic abandon against Bryan Harder’s massive sheets of guitars and Brian Lackey’s thunderous avalanche of percussion.

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