Saturday, August 17, 2019
Van Dale with Joe Kenkel and Volunteer Dept.
The East Room
Fri, Aug 16 8:00 pm

Van Dale: Punk-rock band from Columbus, OH. Joe Kenkel: Nashville singer-songwriter, indie-folk artist out of Nashville, TN. Volunteer Department: Like most musical endeavors, Volunteer Department began as a home-recording project. And like most things that I do, it began under pressure. What I mean to say is that at first, I would book the shows and then write the songs, gathering the personnel during the week preceding the show, rehearse, change the songs and then off we rocked. 

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Grand Ole Opry House
Fri, Aug 16 7:00 pm
3rd and Lindsley
Sat, Aug 17 7:30 pm
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Sun, Aug 18 1:00 pm
3rd and Lindsley
Sun, Aug 18 8:00 pm