Saturday, May 25, 2019
You Bred Raptors? with Prophet Nathan, Old Man Oblivion and Flummox
The East Room
Wed, Apr 24 8:00 pm

You Bred Raptors?: Born somewhere between the Neolithic Era and the Industrial Revolution, this band of merry gentleman minstrel through the NYC subways with the Music Under New York Program. They also dropkick Woolly Mammoths and go bearbaiting with Polar Bears onefisted. Epileptic Peat on 8-String bass/glockenspiel and Bryan Wilson on cello aim to raise awareness about Dinosaur cloning research. Thanks for the support and hold on to your butt. The Prophet Nathan: The Prophet Nathan combines precise musicianship with soaring melodies, creating a sound that promises to intrigue and inspire any listener. Old Man Oblivion: Six individuals with a taste for metal got together, threw all of their musical and artistic interests into a giant pot, and brewed up a tasty musical menagerie called Old Man Oblivion. Experimenting with music and visual arts, this Nashville-based progressive metal band delivers a one-of-a-kind live performance. Flummox: "Flummox" is a word one may use to describe the act of being confused, bewildered, & perplexed. For example: "I was rather flummoxed today when I discovered my uncle on the couch cuddling with a baby manatee covered in cod liver oil." or "My uncle did not mean to flummox me when I walked in on him having intimate relations with a greasy sea cow." This is the feeling that the band, Flummox, channels into their sound & stage show - & they don't even have to get your uncle involved.

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