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Wanna Soak Up The Sun? What To Do In Nashville’s Gorgeous Weather

Wanna Soak Up The Sun?

I can see clearly now, the rain/snow/sleet is gone.

It’s sunny, y’all. And unlike the guy pictured above, we are not mad about it. The combination of rain, snow, and sleet that plagued Nashville for probably 5 weeks too long was like a Nicolas Cage film: not wholly unpleasant, but it felt never-ending and there was a lot of dramatic fog. We don’t know if this sunshine is here to stay (Nashville Severe Weather says we might be in for another winter storm in the next week), but we are going to pretend it is. There’s nothing on earth like a Nashville spring, and we are going to ride into the warmer months in style (with our windows down blasting Otis Redding and drinking iced coffee). It’s the Music City way. So here we go, y’all… the best warmish-weather Nashville activities for:

The Celestially Curious:

Star-Gazing at Dyer Observatory

Picture 9

Twinkle, twinkle, really big star.


Science, re-runs of the Magic School Bus, guided tours, inquisitive people, books that talk about the universe, pretty lights, existential questions, that scene in A Walk To Remember where he buys her the star


Where the Nashville skyline can’t obstruct your view – the lovely Brentwood!


When the sky is overcast and you’re bundled up inside, it can feel like you, your Netflix queue, and your glass of wine are the only things that exist in the world. This is how to remind yourself that we are a part of something beautiful and much, much bigger than our day-to-day tasks. Nashvillians have been star-gazin’ at Dyer Observatory since 1953, and it is a Music City tradition that we absolutely love. For just $6.27 a person (starting in March), you can come to telescope night and observe the following: the rings of Saturn, the craters of the moon, the clouds on Jupiter. Crazy, wonderful stuff. You don’t even have to be super into science to appreciate it! Near the Star Chamber, the observatory hosts music nights: Bluebird on the Mountain, Opera on the Mountain, and Music on the Mountain. Tunes, sunsets, and celestial bodies? Count us in! Make sure you make a reservation. They don’t sell tickets at the door. AND, if you have any little ones at home that might be interested, take a look at Dyer’s summer camps!

The ‘Grammable Moment:

The Quaintest Picnic Ever At Arrington Vineyards

Picture 10

Ain’t no picnic like an Arrington picnic.


Wine, sitting on the grass, slightly-longer-than-normal drives, rolling hills, taking some enviable Instagrams, hashtagging #nofilter, artisan food, any Meryl Streep movie ever


Arrington, TN – about 25 minutes outside the city!


Arrington is for lovers…of wine. And lovers, of course. This is a GREAT place to take a date or a small group of friends, and it is especially impressive in the warmer months. Impress your fellow adventurers with your sandwich-making skillz and pack an expertly-made picnic for your day out! If food-prepping isn’t your style, you can cheat a bit: Arrington has a partnership with “Simply Living Life” that allows you to sign up for a ready-to-eat picnic you can pick up when you arrive. And the pre-made picnic offerings sound uh-mazing. Like, really. The Tuscan picnic is $30/person and includes buffalo mozzarella wiht fresh basil and balsamic vinegar. The Village picnic features a peppered pork loin. We’re going to stop describing it (see the full menu here), or we will accidentally ditch our Tuesday responsibilities and go eat some fancy cheese on a hill. YOLO? Also, if you’re getting really crazy, Arrington offers hot air balloon rides. The most beautiful way to spend an afternoon. For wine (they have free tastings all day), we suggest getting the KB reserve or the Red Fox Red if you’re going to get a bottle. Which you should.

The Fellowship Junkie:

Porch Hangs & Iced Drinks

Picture 11

Break out your light cardis!


Christmas lights strung from barn wood, long conversations, giggling, ambient music, looking super cool in Ray Bans, bushwackers, iced drinks


All over the ‘ville. You can’t go a half a mile in Music City without encountering a quality porch.


Yeah, we’ll say it: Nashville is the number ONE market in the USA for some vibe-y porches. Just the perfect amount of twinkly lights & reclaimed wood, because we’re classy like that. Round up your friends by sending out a group text with a lot of sunshine emojis and head to one of the best patios in Nashville. We suggest:

If you’re hungry: Edley’s East or Edley’s BBQ in 12 South. Order a bushwacker. No regrets. If you’re in the mood for a burger or something lighter, check out Tavern in Midtown (and if you’re down for a pre-happy hour happy hour, try the red sangria).

If you’re thirsty: Crema’s porch has arguably the best view of Nashville in the city. Take in the sights – the pedestrian bridge, the batman building, LP field – while you sip on an iced cuban. If you wanna stick to 12 South, you can’t go wrong with a fruit tea at Frothy Monkey – it tastes like spring.

The Majestic Adventurer:

Cummins Falls

Picture 12

Yeah, that’s an actual waterfall. In Tennessee.


Homeward Bound, water adventures, climbing on stuff, nature photography, anything ever pinned on a “travel” board on Pinterest, spring water, Man v. Wild, the scene in The Notebook where Allie jumps into the watering hole (yes, we are on a roll with the Nicholas Sparks movie references – hold your applause).


On the Blackburn Fork State Scenic River (say that ten times fast) in Jackson County!


We have never had a more magical adventure than our trek through Cummins Falls. A huge expanse of land and water, this place has it all. Winding trails, creeks to hike across, and OH YEAH – a breathtaking waterfall and swimming hole. The water still may be a little too cold, but as soon as it warms up this is our number one warm weather adventure for those who like a little bit of outdoor action. Make sure you bring water shoes – the only down side to having to climb through the creek to get to the waterfall is the pain of walking on rocks. Bring along your friends who are willing to get a little dirty, and dress as casual as possible. Bring your bathing suit and a waterproof case to pack your phone/camera in, because you’re going to want to get pictures. Seriously, this place is a dream and you have to go.

The Exercising Explorer:

Bike Ride On Natchez Trace Parkway

Picture 13

Hit the road, Jack.


Greenery, Lance Armstrong before all that stuff happened, lycra, jammin’ playlists, Nike commercials from the 1990s, killer views, shopping at Academy


Near Loveless Cafe, but the Parkway itself spans multiple states!


Just do it. You’ll feel like you’re in your own active wear commercial when you rent a bike (the shop is less than a mile from Loveless) for a jaunt down part of the Natchez Trace Parkway (that is, unless you want to go all the way to Mississippi and beyond, but we’re assuming this isn’t a Forrest Gump situation). This is a great thing to do with an equally motivated friend OR – call us crazy – by yourself. There’s something about catchin’ some rays and getting some alone time to think. The Natchez Trace Parkway is gorgeous and has tons of great historical stops along the way that you don’t want to miss. And, to reward yourself for picking the most physically taxing activity on the list, you should grab some biscuits and jam from Loveless Cafe when you’re done. You deserve it.

So, there you have it. Live by the wise words of Sheryl Crow, Nashville, and soak up that sun. We’ll be out and about finding all the outdoor Nashville fun that your heart could desire. Make sure you have Wannado so we can keep you in the loop! See you out there, y’all.

– Your local guide.

Wanna Bro Out? Your Guide To A Nashville Guy’s Night

Wanna Bro Out?

Hey fellas. Let’s play a game. Look into the eyes of your favorite bro, and let those feelings flow:

Freeing, isn’t it? Sometimes, you just gotta take time to appreciate the dudes in your life. And, if you haven’t noticed, bromance is super in right now. Timberlake & Fallon. Rudd & Segel. Colbert, Stewart, & Carrell (skip to the 4:00 mark). John Rich & Lil’ Jon (yeah, that’s actually a thing).  These days, you can’t look anywhere without seeing some unabashed bromance, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Yeah, yeah…Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but we like to point out that you can spread the love with your pals, not just your special friends (*wink*) – though if you have a paramour and have no idea what to get them as a Valentine’s Day present, you should check out our gift guide. We’ve already covered a girls night out in Nashville, so this one’s for the bros, bro. We’ve got 5 different kinds of Nashville bros given you the lowdown on guys night in the ‘ville. Let’s do this!

The Traveling Musician Bro:

Whiskey, Laughs, & Bro-BQ

Picture 40

The Goose Squad (from L to R): Colton. Riley, Matt, Alex, Scott

Ahh, the traveling musician bro. Surely you’ve seen them strolling across the wood floors of your favorite coffee shop or loading their gear into an unmarked van outside Mercy Lounge. Their boot game is always on point, and if they don’t have beards they’ve seriously considered it at least once. Because they travel, their bro hangs usually turn into a whole bro day. Here’s what they had to say about their perfect mini bro-cation:

Alex: Bro day- Baja BRO-rito or Edley’s BRO-B-Q for lunch. Then head over to Crema for some iced americanBROS. Then maybe go to someone’s house and hang for a few hours and talk about music and life. Then go eat dinner (DesanBROS, Silly Goose, or Burger Up,) and get drinks somewhere after like Pinewood Social or Holland House or 12 South Taproom. Then maybe go back to someone’s house and wind down with a whiskey drink. Also LOTS of laughing throughout the day.

Riley: I think if it’s an actual bro night, I’d want to make some old fashioneds (check out this killer recipe from Bulleit, men). Dudes and whiskey go together like PB&J. However, if you’re not into making drinks and you just want to go grab the best around town, I’d recommend the Lee52 from Josephine, the Winter Old Fashioned at Patterson House, or the Baseburner at Holland House – it’s 4 roses with ginger ice cubes. The only drink around where you actually WANT your ice to melt.

The YoPro Bro:

Sports, Pool Time, & Demon-BRO-eun Bar Crawls

Picture 42

Work hard, play hard.

If there’s anything we know about the YoPro bro, it’s that he can get down with some organized fun. The young bro-fessionals are a special breed, rockin’ suits by day and tanks by night (even if it’s freezing outside). These dudes know how to cut loose, and their idea of a good time has to include at least one planned activity. We talked to Jared and Ryan from the EC about their choice bro-tivities.

“I like friends, I like to go out, and I like to have a good time. I have been asked about the social life and social times of a young professional here in Nashville. I just moved here and have tried to carry over my previous social life to my new life, and have found a decent balance. Here’s me and my young professional friends acting like a young professional should: half young, and half professional. The day/professional portion of our lives is not as well represented:

– Buy Big cardboards heads of yourselves and take them to a Titans game. People will not understand, but that’s not the point.
– Celebrate St. Practice Day, where you party like its St. Patrick’s Day the week before St. Patrick’s Day. I would suggest starting at Tin Roof on Demonbreun and ending at Dan McGuinness.
– Buy onesies and have an adult lock-in at a rented mansion in Belle Meade. Include kids game and if funds allow, rent a magician.
– Participate in organized fun runs. The Undie Run is the best. Hands down. Anything down Broadway works too.
– Have excessively large and long brunch’s at Tavern. Play Big Container where you just chant Big Container while people drink out of a big container.
– Make Christmas Cards and send them to everyone you know. Santa’s Pub would serve as a great backdrop.
– Have a neon bar crawl day through East Nashville. And don’t forget to get weird. Real weird.
– Have a Golf Bar crawl day through Broadway. Make sure and make a scorecard that includes par for each bar.
– Go to Steeplechase and party hard.
– Find a pool at an apartment complex on 8th Ave. Pool hopping is fun, but includes a lot of getting kicked out of pools and looking for the next pool.

The College Bro:

Cigars, Nature, & Bro Talk

Picture 39

Young and wild and free, y’all.

Oh, the college bro. Nashville’s such a city of exploration, it helps when you have time in between classes to explore. Take it from our fave college bro, super Wannado-er & Belmont sophomore Brett Wise…he’s about to break it down, college style.

Brett: I mean, there is nothing wrong with relaxing on the futon with your bros, putting on Conan, and having some good belly laughs.  But you can only take so many of those nights.  Eventually, you’ve got to get out and do something. Most bro nights start without any direction, the first step is just getting in the car and turning the music up loud.  From there, let the night take you.  Somehow we always end up at Burger Up, ordering from the bar.  Can’t go wrong with a good burger, and make sure you get the honey dijon aioli sauce.  I think we use an entire bottle each time.  Now that your mouth is free to actually talk, you have to find a spot to do just that. But first, head to Belle Meade Premium Cigars on Harding Pike.  It’s bro night, and you’re automatically more manly with a cigar in hand. The vibe there is so classic. A bunch of (slightly older) bros hanging in the lounge with some football on, and they’re all really friendly.  Once you’ve picked your premium Cuban, take a night drive down toward Natchez Trace Parkway.  Head on down the parkway a few miles before getting out to walk over the bridge. (If you want to get a little adventurous, head underneath and climb the arches to find your perfect smoking spot.)  From there it’s just bro talk, and we all know there’s nothing better than that.  Get into whatever shenanigans you can; make fun of your friend for spending 45 minutes straight trying to light his pipe, or explore the woods around you. By this point, that cigar taste in your mouth is probably getting to you. (unless you’re just that much more hip than us) Make a final stop at Jeni’s for some delicious ice cream, then you can all unite over your anguish from your matching food bellies back in the dorm room.  Yes, we’re in college, and dorm life is our life.  #bunkbeds Every night is a sleepover.  That’s about it, as long as you’re with your bros, the options are endless.

The Married Bro:

Extensive Planning, Pub Food, & Drinkin’ on the Pati-bro

Picture 44
Your moment in the sun.

You liked it, so you put a ring on it. Then maybe had a couple of kids. Does that mean you can’t have a fairly tame, honorable, super-fun bro night? Nope. Gather the troops, husbands/fathers, our buddy Mike has outlined his favorite bro dalliances in the 615:

Mike: The night generally takes a few days or even weeks of planning. Do we need to find a babysitter? Will this coincide with a girl’s night out? Who’s in and who’s out? These are all questions that are discussed in the emails back and forth prior to nailing down plans. When Saturday night rolls around there’s generally one soldier left behind. He’s been called to daddy duty cause his wife has come down with some sort of cough. Only later to find out that they wound up posting a photo from Marche with the wife. The evening begins pretty tame. Maybe a bite to eat at Slider House and doing a sampling of the delicious bite-sized burgers or something a bit more substantial like The Pub in The Gulch. Downing some shepherd’s pie before a night out drinking is always a good idea. (pro-tip). The starchy goodness acts as a sponge. After a few drinks to stretch out the old liver, it’s time to get a bit more rowdy. The night might take you to The Villager in Hillsboro Village. Last time I was there, I found a photo of me on their wall from my 21st birthday. I still remember trying not to get sick drinking out of the dog bowl. Or maybe we might hit up the East Side and sit out on the patio at 308. As the clock strikes midnight, the group begins to dwindle. We realize that we’re no longer in our 20’s and the torn between going home and donning some PJ’s and watching Modern Family on DVR or guzzling a few redbull/vodkas to keep the party going. At this point, it’s a choose your own adventure.

The Go Pro Bro (AKA The Active Bro):

Hitting The Trails & Grabbin’ Some Bro Burgers

Picture 43

Did you catch that on your GoPro, bro?

You’ve seen em’ around town, wearing some form of dark colored spandex. You can find them jogging through Sylvan Park, prepping for a big run coming up OR biking the trails in one of our lovely Nashville parks. Adrenaline enthusiasts flock together, so bro night is bound to be an active adventure. Sam gives us an idea of the Active Bro’s perfect guy’s night out:

Sam: My friends and I usually start off a bro night with a trip to Percy Warner Park. The new mountain bike trails are epic and ripping through the smooth single track is the perfect way to to clear the mind. If we don’t feel like riding, running the Red and White trails with its steep climbs and technical descents provide both a physical and mental challenge.  I never forget to attach my GoPro because you never know when you might catch someone eating dirt. The vistas, wildlife and vegetation that the park exposes you to distracts the mind from the on-setting fatigue which only become prevalent as the activity ends. The by product of adventure is extreme hunger so the next stop is a race to one of our local restaurants. Beer and food pairs nicely with exercise induced fatigue and 12th South Taproom is always on the favorites list. Those times where we feel like only a burger can cure such cravings, we venture off to The Pharmacy on the east side.

So there you go, bro. Spend some time with your Valentine, but don’t forget to hang with your fave dudes every once in awhile. Nashville has a lot of brotastic fun to offer, and you can find it all on Wannado! Happy Thursday, Bro/Broseph/Brofasa/Bro Dimaggibro/Bro Bronas/Broda (we could go on forever, but we won’t). Whether your weekend is filled with whiskey & cigars or golf & brunch, make it a good one!

– Your local guide.

Wanna Gift Right? Your Nashville Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Wanna Gift Right?

You know the feeling. It’s February 14. You’re in a dimly lit restaurant, attended by a waiter so fancy he is seriously wearing white gloves. As your significant other goes to open your expertly wrapped gift, your throat closes up and your hands get unnaturally sweaty. And then you get one of these:

Okay, maybe you’ve never actually received the Clarissa stank-eye or Chris Farley’s feigned enthusiasm (of course, your boyfriend/girlfriend is too agreeable to show outward disappointment). BUT, we can all tell when someone’s a little underwhelmed by our Valentine’s gift pick. Or maybe you’re the Michael Jordan of giving gifts (in which case, keep scorin’, kid). For the rest of us, a lot of thinking and planning goes into striking that perfect balance between luxury and practicality; sentimentality and cheesiness. As always, we have your back (along with some Nashville flair). Here you go, lovers of L-O-V-E,..our favorite Nashville-inspired Valentine’s gifts for:

The Spirited Foodie:

Gift Cards, Biscuits, DIY Progressive Dinners, & More!

Picture 34

Remind them of their first love: FOOD.


There’s a way to be nice and not jump the gift-givin’ gun. For the valentine that likes to take charge and pick the place, do a Nashville Originals gift card – the money you put on it goes towards one of their 45 participating local Nashville restaurants. For your SWEETIE (most likely a lady, but guys you’re allowed to want chocolates too because you’re a human being), pick up the Valentine’s Day mexi-chocolate heart candy from Olive & Sinclair or some artisan marshmallows from Bang Candy Company! (some flowers from Emma’s on West End wouldn’t hurt, either). For your main dude (or your beer-loving main gal – you hold on to her, man), grab a growler from The Filling Station in 12 South and fill it up with some top-notch beer. You can take it back and fill er’ up – the gift that keeps on giving!


So you’re going steady. They love food. What to do? A food/drink tour is always a winner. Make a day of it and check out one of the local breweries (since at this point we assume you guys can spend a non-awkward afternoon in each others company). Black Abbey, Yazoo, Jackalope – you’re sure to find your fave in no time! For another gift that offers a potentially cozy afternoon, you HAVE to look at the gift baskets from Loveless Cafe. They’ve got a Sweet Sizzle Pack for a made-at-home Southern breakfast (perfect for a chilly February morning), a Ham Breakfast For Two, and even a Chicken & Waffles basket (#foodswoon). Preparing ridiculously buttered Southern food together? That’s how you make a relationship last.

YOU’RE BASICALLY OR ACTUALLY MARRIED (or you just want to splurge):

Your other half is like a fine wine – ages beautifully, smooth as silk, the perfect companion for a long day…the list goes on. So of course, they appreciate a fine wine. Get them a membership to one of the wine clubs at Arrington Vineyards! There’s a Red Club, a White Club, a Mixed Club, and a Fan’s Choice Club (where you basically just get to try all the wines that you like). Wine for the win, y’all! Here’s our other idea…it’s pretty adventurous/potentially pricey, but you’d score major points. There may not be a progressive dinner tour you can easily hop on, but you can make your own! Get a Lyft and eat your way through Music City. Our perfect progression? Start with appetizers at Eastland Cafe, do entrees at Rolf & Daughters, enjoy dessert at Jackson’s (those cookie dough egg rolls, though), and finish with drinks at Patterson House. Or just mix and match your fave places. We believe in you.

The Concert Junkie:

Tickets To A Killer Show

Picture 35

If you can love them through their awkward concert step-touch, you’re meant to be.

(detour from the how-far-are-you-in-to-dating categories, because if you’re committing to go to a concert in the future with someone odds are you guys aren’t just “talking”)


Snoop Dogg/Lion/Tiger/Bear/Oh My at Cannery Ballroom, Rites Of Spring festival featuring 2 CHAINZ YO, and Miley Cyrus at Bridgestone Arena – because that is going to get the most rowdy, let’s be real.


INDIE OFFERINGS: Nickel Creek at The Ryman (good luck on finding a pair to the sold-out show…try Craigslist day of – works every time!), Imagine Dragons at Bridgestone, Local Natives, Bastille, Delta Saints. For the Old Soul try: Bruce Springsteen, Tony Bennett, Billy Joel, Cher, or Carlos Santana.


Again, Miley Cyrus is a given (Wrecking Ball wre-e-e-cks us). Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Gavin Degraw…you can find more of the headliners (and other indie/old soul/rowdy live acts) with Wannado!

The Experiential Adventurer:

Laser Tag Games, Skydiving, Hot Air Balloon Rides, & More!

Picture 36

Because memories last longer than the super-trendy boots they asked for.


Give the Zooey Deschanel of gifts: quirky, chill, and semi-adventurous. Buy a couple rounds of laser tag OR some trampoline dodgeball time at Sky High Nashville. If you’re not in to childlike activities (which we don’t understand…to each their own, but laser tag is irrefutably awesome) and you enjoy the outdoors, rent some bikes and take them out on Natchez Trace Parkway! If you’re an indoors guy/gal check out the boat rides at Opryland Hotel! Nothing like looking into the eyes of a possible paramour under the twinkly lights of Nashville’s most famous hotel.


You can’t go wrong with two tickets to Adventure Science Center’s next Way Late Play Date. The themed nights make a great date; the last one was Doctor Who, and the upcoming April WLPD is Cult Classics! So if you’re dating a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan, this is a sure-fire win. If you’re coupled up with a regular Evil Knieval, make sure you pay a visit to Skydiving Over Nashville by Opry Mills! If we’ve learned anything from watching The Bachelor franchise, it’s that jumping out of a plane (or swimming through a cave, bungee-ing off a bridge, etc.) is a perfect metaphor for falling in love.

YOU’RE BASICALLY OR ACTUALLY MARRIED (or you just want to splurge):

Whisk them away on a mini-vacation to Dollywood! You can channel your inner child just a stone’s throw away from Nashville, and you won’t have to book a babysitter for the whole weekend. Bonus: you can act out the ferris wheel scene from The Notebook. If you don’t want to leave the 615, take a trip to Arrington Vineyards and go on a hot air balloon ride (thanks for the idea, Steve & Gracie Moakler)! So romantic. For the gadget-enthusiast, grab them a GoPro to capture all the action.

The Fashion/Lifestyle Guru:

Jeans, Jewelry, & An Insanely Good Candle

Picture 37

Werk it, gurl. (or guy).


With brand new potential love, it’s all about the trinkets. Head to Pre To Post Modern to find something funky, unique, and affordable for your casual Valentine. Fellas, look into their super-cool jewelry, scarves, & sunglasses. Ladies, scour the back room for a concert tee from his favorite band. A fashionABLE scarf won’t break the bank either, and we’re in Nashville, so lets be real: girls and dudes STAY wearing scarves. They’ll probably wear it even when its 90 degrees outside.


If anything can vie for a dude’s affection besides the scent of a woman, it is the scent of an Imogene + Willie candle. Stop in to the 12 South fashion hub & grab the candle for that special someone. While you’re at it, men, the have some really beautiful, delicate jewelry up for grabs. Speaking of jewelry, make a pit stop (or a virtual stop) at one of the many Nashville jewelry/handmade goods spots! Try considerthewldflwrs, Miriam Designs, & Nisolo. Beautiful gems for yo beautiful gem!


There is no status symbol for a Nashville fashion elite more essential than a pair of Imogene + Willie jeans. Yeah, you missed the garage sale, so you’ll probably have to pick up a pair for full price. BUT, these jeans last forever (or pretty close to forever). If you’re paramour can pull off a hat (aka the Diane Keaton’s of the world), get them one of the super nice hats at Hat Works on 8th. Or, you know, there’s always a good old Nashville shopping spree to Green Hills mall!

The Culturally Involved:

Memberships & Subscriptions To Nashville’s Finest

Picture 38

It’s all about bein’ in the cultural know, Romeo.


This is your chance to encourage the interests of your hot new date without having to feign interest in said interests. Whether they’re into motorcycles, fly fishing, indie bands, knitting…there’s sure to be something for your super interesting new flame. Better yet, for the book lover: pick them up a new book at East Nashville literary hub, East Side Story – a bookstore that carries titles from the best writing talent in Music City!


Here’s a no-brainer: for the film buff, grab them a ticket to Belcourt’s Oscar Night! Steep-ish price, but it’s a black tie affair with the best, brightest, most culturally aware Nashvillians around!


 Wanna give the culture fanatic the gift that keeps on giving? Gift them a membership to one of the cultural centers of Nashville: the center of all things film (The Belcourt), The Frist Center For Visual Arts, and/or Nashville Symphony! You’ll be able to spend the whole movie/music/artistic season with your #1 Valentine. What could be better?

So there you have it Nashville: your Valentine’s Day Wannado gift guide. Need to spice up all your future date nights with some Nashville adventures? Make an account with Wannado and up your dating game, you lothario, you! We’ve got your back. Best of luck with all the gift-giving kids, and remember: we love y’all. #sappy

– Your local guide.

Notable Nashvillians: Steve & Gracie Moakler’s Guide To Date Night

It’s about that time, y’all. The month of LOOOOOVE is upon us.

The windows of Starbucks are painted pink and white. CVS has basically a whole aisle dedicated to stuffed bears and almost-expired candy hearts. Any restaurant with low lighting and some kind of fancy salmon dish within a ten mile radius has their phone off the hook from taking Valentine’s Day reservations. Yeah, it’s almost here.

We love love, y’all, and we’re especially partial to Nashville love. Who better to give you a guide to date night than two awesome Notable Nashvillians who have joined forces and achieved the ultimate coupledom? You might have heard of Steve and Gracie Moakler. They’re kind of a big deal. Steve is one of the quintessential singer/songwriters in the ‘ville (and everywhere else). His blend of subtle country riffs, seriously interesting/awesome hooks, and voice that floats through a melody with a ton of sincerity have made him a Nashville staple (some of our fave songs: “Hesitate”, “Don’t Think Twice”, “Lifetime” & “Best Thing”). His new album is coming out super soon (stay tuned to his website for news).

Gracie Moakler is a Tennessee-bred gal with an entrepreneurial (and charitable) spirit. After meeting a woman named Ronza in recovery from addiction, Gracie was overcome by the woman’s sense of hope. She made a necklace and hammered in the word hope as a gift. That first act of kindness has expanded into one of Nashville’s best growing businesses, Miriam Designs. You can read more of their story here, but let us just say – fellas, you wanna get your lady a Valentines gift from Miriam. You will score major points. Gracie is a fixture in the Nashville design world, and she exudes the Nashville spirit – enthusiastic, kind, and adventurous. No better couple to give you Valentine’s Day advice! But enough background info. We sat down with Steve and Gracie to talk all things February 14, adventure, and laser tag dates. Let’s do this!

Picture 28

So, how did you guys meet? Did you meet in Nashville?

S: We did meet in Nashville! One of Gracie’s sorority friends in college…

G: (laughs) I was in a sorority for three weeks.

S: One of my friends from Belmont, a fellow musician, was my roommate for four years. He had been dating her friend for three years, so we met through them. We were both single, and [her friend] Whitney was like “You guys would be so cute together!” And then we met…

G: …And he totally ignored me.

S: (laughs) Yeah, I totally ignored her. It was a period of time when I felt like I was supposed to be single…I had been in some long relationships and had all kinds of head games going on with myself. I liked her a lot right away but I was freaked out about how much I liked her. We were friends for five minutes and then we started dating!

G: Yeah, we met at Nashville schools! Hometown pride.

Awesome. Where was your first date?

G: Our first date was pretty fun! We went to Broadway Brewhouse and the waitress spilled a basket of wings on his arm, so he was literally just sitting there with wings stacked on his arms, not moving! (laughs) Then we went to laser tag on 2nd Ave. and guess who won?

You did.


S: She did. By one!

What were your team names?

G: Yours was Stone Cold Steve Moakler. And mine was…I don’t even remember. Why can I remember yours?

S: Because mine was GREAT. You remember it because you have photographic memory and you remember mine being beneath yours. And then we went to Fido and had a piece of cake. So wings and beer, laser tag, cup of coffee, and a piece of cake.

G: True Nashville date! And then we went to Belmont and looked at the stars on top of the parking garage.

S: Listened to The Eagles! Might have made out a little.

Ha! So Nashville. What’s been your favorite date?

S: One of the most memorable dates was our first Valentine’s Day. We rented…I was going to say we rented a pizza. That’s not how that works. No, we got a pizza from Pizza Hut (though if we make a recommendation, it’s Five Points Pizza). We went up to Love Circle, had a bottle of wine. It was freezing! But when you’re first getting to know someone you don’t even care. Now we’d be like “This SUCKS”!

G: Ha! Yeah. Like “I’m going home!” Start crying. (laughs) Another good one was when we got engaged. We got on our bikes and went to Silly Goose (our favorite restaurant of all time). We ate there and then biked over to Shelby Bottoms. He had like, machete-d a trail down to the river and there was a boat there with lanterns and my favorite flowers tied on the back with a bottle of wine. Then we rode off on the Cumberland River!

Did you know it was coming?

G: He wasn’t acting weird at all but as soon as I saw the boat I was like…yeahhhhh. But that was my favorite.

S: Yeah. That one takes the cake for me too.

Favorite gift you’ve ever gotten from each other? Miriam is on all the Valentine’s Day gift guides as far as we’re concerned.

S: We aren’t big gift givers, actually.

G: We’d rather take a trip or something! We’re adventurers. For my birthday, he got me a hot air balloon ride at Arrington Vineyards.

Now Steve, we don’t want to ask about your Valentine’s Day plans and spoil anything.

S: I appreciate that!

BUT if you had to give advice on a perfect chill Valentine’s Day date, what would it be? Besides Pizza Hut and Love Circle, obviously.

G: Go to Silly Goose and then the Belcourt! Old movies, documentaries, a cocktail, popcorn. Perfect date night! Especially during the winter.

S: YES. Love the Belcourt. So underrated! There’s always cool stuff playing there. It just seems like such an important fixture in this city. What if it wasn’t there? We’d all be pissed. Silly Goose, Belcourt, and then if you still wanna be merry go to Village Pub. Great beer, mule drinks, super chill, music playin’…wood, but not barn wood. Just wood. (laughs) It’s lively, but not at all trashy!

People sometimes get that confused with Villager where you can drink out of a dog bowl.

G: Ha! I did that for my 21st birthday. This is pretty different. There’s also a new place called The Hop Stop from the same owners on Gallatin and it’s awesome.

If you were going to have a marathon date, what daytime activity would you choose?

S: We love Arrington. We even went on a rainy day once and it was awesome. We sat on the porch where they have the big fireplace. Also, jet skiing at Nashville Shores. I’ve been wanting to go to the new Johnny Cash museum. Like, in the middle of the day when no one is there. One more thing…Radnor Lake in the morning, then go to Baja Burrito for lunch.

G: We had Baja at our wedding. That’s how much we love it! Yeah, and then go get happy hour somewhere.

I saw that you guys just came back from the Hometowns & Campgrounds Tour.

G: Yes! We would sleep in people’s backyards in our camper. I would talk about Miriam and do a trunk show in each city. He would play and promote the album, then we’d hang out with the people who hosted us, got to bed, have breakfast, and hit the road! We were gone for 50 days. In our first year of marriage. I was like…if we can do that we can do anything!

After visiting all those places, what makes Nashville home?

S: It’s the people. Anyone would say that about where they’re from, but what’s unique is that what we did is not that crazy to our friends. People don’t do stuff like this everywhere. Nashvillians are super creative and take risks pursuing things they want to do.

G: And it wasn’t hard to come back! Everyone gets it. It was fun to go to different cities and see all these cool pockets of culture, but Nashville has all of it.

S:Yeah! We went some really cool places, but Nashville has it all. Restaurants, all the breweries popping up. Live music. It’s just really cool!

G: It’s the people. Nashville has the best people. They’ve been so welcoming to Miriam and his music, we just love the support there.

So there you go, Nashville. One of the coolest Nashvillian couples around has given you the lowdown on the best dates in Music City! Go put it to use and follow their lead: be adventurers. You can experience all Nashville has to offer by checking in with Wannado! And DO NOT MISS Steve’s new album and Gracie’s Valentine’s Day market for the fellas – beer/bro time & presents for 2/14 shopping made easy! Happy early Valentine’s Day, y’all. We love you.

– Your local guide.

Wanna Girls Night Out? Your Guide To A Nashville Galentine’s Day

Wanna Girls Night Out?

Man! I feel like a woman, and since girls just wanna have fun…all my single ladies, put your hands up.

Yeah, there’s a copious amount of girl power anthems in the pop culture stratosphere (none as ballin’ as vintage Destiny’s Child – but WHAT is that fedora, Bey?). However, in February, the powerful force that is the Single Ladies dance can take a backseat. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it can be easy to let the focus shift to your love life (or lack of love life – and that is a-ok. You do you.). Every part of your fabulousness deserves attention, including your romantic relationships. BUT….we want to make sure you celebrate Galentine’s Day. What is Galentine’s Day, you ask? Only the best day of the year. It’s a time when you get your girlfriends together and let loose, basking in the warm glow of your awesome, badass lady friends and telling them how great they are. The fellas don’t get to have all the shenanigans. So here we go! This one’s for the girls…the best Nashville GNO’s to:

Cut A Rug:

Get Your Marvin Gaye On At BBKing’s

Picture 21

Dance like no one/a ton of older tourists are watching.


Jammin’ to your parents’ “Best Of The Tempations” CD growing up, people watching, fried pickles, the Cupid Shuffle, singers who riff on one note for like…at least 5 minutes, sharply dressed men who can play the trumpet, bathroom attendants with a great lotion/hairspray selection


Downtown Nashville, yo. Right off of 2nd Ave!


Whether you look like this when you dance, or an awkward shimmy in your chair is more your style, you and your gal pals will have a BLAST at BB King’s. We highly suggest you get a Lyft if you’re headed downtown (unless you have a high-rise loft that’s within walking distance #blessed). We have done that over the past few weekends and our drivers are always just the nicest (shout-out to James & Eli – whoop!). Parking is no issue, and it leaves you footloose and fancy-free. If you wanna save some cash, roll up right before 9PM – the cover charge will be $5 instead of $10. The wait isn’t too bad, and as soon as you’re seated…you’re gonna want to order those fried pickles. Seriously. You need to get some food in ya before you start dancin’/cocktailin’! You’ll feel extra girly when you order one of their rum cocktails – complete with blue dye and a little umbrella, it’s like you’re sitting on the beach. If the beach was a crowded, mood-lit dance floor filled with old men in zoot suits holding canes (no really…we’ve seen several men with canes there…for style, not function). If you think girly rum drinks are the liquid equivalent of sugar rock candy (respect), their well drinks are just strong enough – grab yourself a gin & tonic. Now you’re ready to start your BB King’s adventure, which may include the following: a couple in matching leopard outfits doing the butt-bump, a middle aged man with a fanny pack being invited on stage to dance to “Let’s Get It On”, the singer of the BB King’s All Stars having all the women sing “oooh weee Kertshaw” (that’s his name), or a woman doing the splits to “Mr. Big Stuff”. Yeah. All those things have happened before. So you should have gone, like, yesterday.

Feel Like A Kid Again:

Jump Your Heart Out At Sky High Sports

Picture 22

Jump around! Jump Around!


Gettin’ mad air, bright colors, Sour Patch straws, reckless abandon, yoga pants, recess was your favorite subject in elementary school, getting mildly sweaty, concession stand food, CRAZY FUN TIMES


Right around the Harding Pl. and Donelson intersection!


We want to take you back. To a time when family dinners meant talking about how you’d aced your time tables and gotten M&Ms as a prize…not how many years you have left before you need to freeze your eggs and beat the biological clock. A time when your lived in your imagination with Justin Timberlake as a bleach-blonde, curly-haired boy band member, not in a house with a dude who falls asleep covered in Dorito dust (but you know what? We don’t hate it. Love knows no bounds). When you got a skinned knee and cried for two seconds and then got up and started playing again. A time when you created sub-plots for Dawson’s Creek and acted them out with your Barbie dolls (that couldn’t have been just us…). Coming to Sky High sports will feel like you’re at your BFF’s 10th birthday party in the best way possible. Tons of young adults go there and have a BLAST. It’s a room covered in trampolines so you can literally bounce off the walls for $12/hour (price cuts in half for the second hour). There’s also a ball pit that you can rope-swing in to a la Tarzan (or P!nk at the Grammy’s). Come mentally prepared for that ball pit though…if you haven’t forgotten, it’s quite difficult to get out once you’re in. But channel your Backstreet-lovin’, fruit-punch-drinkin’, bobby-socks-wearin’ inner child and you can muster the strength. Or, you know, have one of your awesome Galentines extract you.

Beautify Yourself:

A Day Of Pampering In Music City

Picture 23

Maybe she’s born with it – maybe it’s Maybelline/a day of mimosas & manicures.


Boozy brunch, any Jennifer Lopez movie where she has a sassy mother-in-law, bottomless mimosas, In Style magazine, Ryan Gosling (that could apply to every single one of these activities though, let’s be real), sparkles, funfetti cupcakes, face masks


From Hillsboro Village to Green Hills area!


Sometimes, you just need to be pampered. You and all yo ladies have had a year filled with ups and downs – graduating college, adopting a dog, having your first child, your kids starting to text and roll their eyes and join Justin Bieber Internet fan groups. This is a complicated life. Let it all wash away and fellowship with your favorite females. Start the day off with $10 mini facials at Babe Beauty Bar (and get some faux eyelashes if you’re feelin’ sassy). Grab some killer brunch at the fairly new Boca Loca (bottomless mimosas on Saturday, because all is right in the world) and round up the troops – you’re going on a mani/pedi mission! Head to Green Hills Mall for some fresh n’ funky nails! Posh and Venetian are both winners – complimentary hand massages, soothing sounds, an endless array of polish colors, and complimentary wine, y’all! Once your nails have dried, it’s time to do a little retail therapy. Check out Designer Finds for the most uppity (in a good way) resale in town! Country stars take their award show best to the shop. You also want to check out Hill Center and maybe pick up some goodies at The Cosmetic Market. If you’re hungry, we love the hibachi grill right behind the mall, Tokyo! You can watch someone else cook for a change. Woohoo! If you’re still not done, mosey on over to Regal Cinemas (attached to Green Hills mall) and see one of the truly amazing films in theaters. We’re glad it’s Oscar season! Our favorite right now is “Her”, but we also encourage the ladies who love Will Ferrell (there are more of us than you think) to see Anchorman 2. We might have seen it 5 times already.

Have A Fabulous Night At Home:

Beer, Takeout, & Dolly Parton

Picture 24

“Yes to love, yes to life, yest to staying in more!” – every woman’s spirit animal, Liz Lemon.


Party games, building forts, playing drinking games during television events, wearing your fat pants, messy buns, slightly inappropriate puns, Liz Lemon gifs, Jennifer Lawrence, snuggies


In the privacy of your own home (or your friend’s home). Sweatpants up! (the lesser known, Galentines Day-approved version of “Suit Up!”)


It’s okay to just kick it, y’all. Yes, Wannado is all about adventures out in the city, but we also think you can bring that local love and community into the confines of your precious, Pinterest-approved chalkboard walls. Invite the girls over (even postcard invitations would be precious – you can get some great Nashville-themed ones at Pangaea in Hillsboro Village) and get to chillin’. Oh, and we’re about to tell you something that will change your life – The Pharmacy has take-out. So you’re gonna want to get on that. Once you have secured your burger feast (or if you’re feelin’ Thai, The Smiling Elephant has a great pick-up order system too), head to The Filling Station in 12 South and fill up your growler with everyone’s favorite beer (our personal fave is any Yazoo brew or Duck Rabbit Milk Stout). After your Galentines arrive, it’s time to let loose! We suggest a spirited game of Cards Against Humanity or, for the less brave but equally as awesome, Heads Up! End the night on a lovably kitschy Nashville note and have a private screening of the Dolly classic, 9 To 5. If everyone feels like crashin’, set up all your comforters and pillows in the living room and fall asleep to the sweet sounds of Dolly Parton (bonus points if you have a record player and can play the vinyl). So much fun!

Get Over Your Case Of The Mondays:

Start A “Bachelor” Fantasy League & Do The Twist

Picture 25

Juan Pablo. Pimm’s Cup. Dancing to Motown music. Repeat.


Reality TV, sociology, big groups, meatball small plates, fine dining on a dime, cocktails and suspenders, East Nashville, Soul Train, drink specials, The Great Gatsby-type parties, hangin’ out in a crowd, jammin’


Mostly East Nashville!


You don’t watch The Bachelor? Okay, the viewing of The Bachelor isn’t totally necessary for this activity, but we think this year’s lucky man – our favorite Spaniard Juan Pablo – will add some flavor and honestly compelling conversation to your night. If you want to make it competitive, grab your best Galentines and watch the show together, forming a Fantasy league. Who says the football lovers get to have all the fun (although we know plenty of ladies who dominate in fantasy football)? After you’ve watched the Latin lova give “besos” to his 15 girlfriends (yeah, we know, it’s pretty terrible), head to Holland House Bar & Refuge in East Nashville! You can split the small plates between the group, and you’re going to want to try everything! Their happy hours are pretty much discontinued, but don’t let that get you down – they have happy hour prices around the clock now! Whoop! End the night (though you’ll be there for awhile, it’s the main event) at The 5 Spot in East Nashville. It is seriously the most fun we’ve had in Nashville, and a GREAT place to Twist & Shout with your gal pals. There’s a huge screen showing old Soul Train videos and drink specials all night. You cannot be bummed out here. It’s impossible. Truly.

So there you have it, Nashville…girls just wanna have fun! Celebrate the wonderful women in your life – whether it’s by talking Gosling over mimosas, watching tourists break it down to James Brown, gorging on burgers and beer, or trying not to get seriously injured while throwing yourself into trampoline walls. We are women, hear us roar. For all the lady-centric events in town (and other stuff too, of course), check out Wannado. We’ve got your back!

– Your local guide.


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